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No. 945 by owainm
the prisoner, book/show club
any frends here watch the prisoner (1967) before? i'm a contracted mcgoohan shill so must speak, but is very good old psycho drama that unfortunately gets hijacked by muh individualism crowd in part because of mcgoohan's subsequent interviews, but i think bigger focus should be resistance and detachment from globohomo or groupthink tendencies; that individualist sentiment people tunel vision on is only a response - not a fundamental ideolo - to gay collective initiation rituals. in time of fag tyrants you see resistance in number 6-type "lone wolves" because the initial blowback or resistance to agenda is at individual level - collective action comes later if at all.
anyways some of my brief thougts on show. anybody interested in discussing or doing a viewing club where we watch show on schedule and discuss episode? plz respond

No. 946 by owainm
i thinked idea of viewing club for legend of galac hero but is much longer show with time commitment, maybe if global events cool for a period can consider that too. very good animated space drama from 80s

No. 950 by g-gundam
>plz respond

Were you thinking of doing a watchalong?

No. 952 by owainm
that could be an option, though i had in mind more like book club where watch x episodes a week and discussion. cytube is good for lighter stuff but again i mcgoohan shill shows like that are best watched alone or only with close family/friends, like lotr imo

No. 953 by owainm
if accessibility is the limiting factor, i would be open to streaming on cytube. just need to gauge interest. would probably do 3 60m shows a weekend for pace

No. 1406 by owainm
I am here to inform you this post is BUMPED (necro too early). This very good show I want BAP to watch before he aspire to make, help to make show of own: they make a little go a long way in this series, very good.

Regardless of response I will create cytube and once tested will returne here to say schedule of viewing

No. 1407 by john
wat show about

No. 1409 by owainm
is about british secret agent man who resigns from position in dissent, agency does not like so they abduct on private island and try to break him psycho in each episode. can be a little silly at times but is a fantastic series overall, old as it may be.

No. 1410 by Knyephin
Good timing I was just about to start watching this show. I would be participate in watch along or dizcushyion group thankee

No. 1656 by owainm
I am bumping this thread to tell you there is a fantastic, recently made twitter thread on this show, please look

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