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No. 724 by john
Forum Update: Added Formatting
asteriskTEXTasterisk = bold
underscoreTEXTundescore = italics

these unfortunately do not stack for now so you can't do bold & italics on one phrase like this hehe

No. 725 by john
here I'm typing epic italics and here I'm typing epic BOLD!, yes. you cannot have text_bold or asterisk_, but you can have comma,funny, comma

No. 737 by john
UPDATE: you can do BOTH

No. 755 by g-gundam
If you ever add the ability to edit posts, make sure the marked up text is preserved in the database so that meaningful edits can happen.

No. 756 by john
Yes, is preserved. Changing into the HTML version is done in php

No. 758 by john
should also register double asterisk now test lets see triple *test*

No. 760 by g-gundam
>double asterisk

I messed up earlier today. My markdown muscle memory thinks two asterisks is bold, so that happened. However, I guess it's not a mistake anymore. Thanks.

No. 762 by Heorot
John is a nigger

No. 770 by g-gundam
Let's try:
> greentext + bold + italic + bold and italic

No. 775 by john
i was unaware this possible. truly beautiful

No. 815 by g-gundam
Can a whole sentence be bold?
Do *I* have to make each word individually bold?

No. 816 by g-gundam
I'm just kicking the tires a bit. Did I make a markup mistake in >>813 or did something weird happen in the Colors and Spacing heading on the server side?

No. 819 by john
you typod, no * at end

No. 1097 by g-gundam
In that menu near the top where you have "Home | Profile | Notifications | Log out", there should be a Help link that reminds people that these formatting features exist.

No. 1133 by john
yes good idea mayb i do something similar

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