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No. 530 by manletwarrior88
yes hello, i maek dis thread so we can discuzz buks in RW sphere,

with an emphasis on black and lgbt authors :)

No. 531 by manletwarrior88
the way i like to look at it theres different 'genres' withing the dissident RW sphere; for example u haev 20th century stuff (like junger... ernst von salomon), ancient history + greek, philosopy (liek evola, mishima), practical, etc u understand

No. 534 by john
i enjoy books that tell story or is biography. these are nice. I don't really like to listen to political commentary, etc.... I think this is ghey! only person I can listen to about this is BAP; i cannot even listen for second from others... it is all boring and useless... but yes.
i have totally legally obtained copies of mike hoare's audiobooks (cannot find pdf)... i think is bery interesting but i only listen like 1/10th atm

No. 535 by john
book title: congo mercenary
bap recommend

No. 547 by Schwanzeleber
Desert Sniper by Ed Nash.
War memory of ISIS/Kurdish conflict told from Kurdish side.
War with apparently very little heavy weapons in a fairly open landscape.

No. 553 by lusotropicalismo
most of the books i have read over the last two years have been recommended by BAP, but after reading Scott Locklin's recent review of BAP books I am returning to my own interest reading, maybe you will understand after reading this s
creed. this is what he would want, however. not everyone needs to be an imitation reading the same books, we need frogs to focus their laser autism on varied subjects.
3 first and foremost, i want to mention the Bronze Age Pirate Library, an online repository of epubs and pdfs of books mentioned in our sphere, stuff from BAP, T7, other spergs, etc. the man to talk to about this is @standardorder, he m
aintains it and has the link (I do not want to post here, chadnet is good site, we respec copyrite laws)
5 The Ethnic Phenomenon by vd Berghe is just as good as BAP says, I strong recommend. i would recommend it even if I didn't learn anything from it, simply because i enjoy racism. however! this book makes me laugh AND learn about races,
ethnicities, and society (i live in one). it helps me understand amerikkka better, particularly the ameriKWA segment, which is very different from the bras00l counterpart. how come the afrikkan brudders in brasil were infinitely worse off than in america but our society doesn't have nearly as much racial strife? the answer, as outlined by berghe, is that we didn't plaster their fertility idols on consumer plastic maple syrup products, bigots.

No. 554 by lusotropicalismo
fugg, the formatting is borked, i am learning vim, lol. nignore numbers and out of place line breaks.


I also recommend Histories by Herodotus, but I admit to cheating on this one, i used both book and audiobook to get through it. i am not capable of pulling meaning out of the book such as "culture of indian vs roman," but the stories make me laff. this book makes me more creative when spinning tales IRL, it makes normies and let their guard down, and then i leave subtle /frog/ opinions in the wake. as bap says, "use humor to barrel through this trash world."

you must read Os Lusiadas by Luis Vaz de Camoes. first and foremost, it is racist against me if you don't. in addition to this fact, this book is a mix of inspiring tale and herodotus-tier funny stories. da youf where i am don't really know this epic anymore, which is stupid, so I like to spin wild tales around topics from this book and then say "did you actually know that this is from our culture's founding literature? have some fukkin pride." to make things easy 4 u, there is an ENGLISH translation in PROSE (not verse) on the Bronze Age Pirate Library, again, talk to @standardorder

books that I have read and were "just ok:" The Outlaws, Sun/Steel, Nietz (sorry!), Celine, and others. they were fine to read but I didn't receive lasting enjoyment from it. this is what Locklin said about outlaws and I agreed

my fav book is 100 years of solitude. i like to read colonial and postcolonial literature: Camara Laye (Le Regard du Roi), Chinua Achebe (Man of the People), Ngugi wa Thiong'o (A Grain of Wheat), etc. I intend to read Nostromo next. people with an interest in the likely modes of future cibbil unrest should read Out of the Mountains by Kilcullen, if not only for the first chapter (4 global trends: population growth, urbanization, littorilzation, connectivity).

No. 555 by john
>fugg, the formatting is borked, i am learning vim, lol. nignore numbers and out of place line breaks.

cat the file and copy output

No. 556 by manletwarrior88
bronze age pirate library seems basado we should try to connect it to chadnet somehow? i will check out after gym wat mean

No. 557 by manletwarrior88
yes war stories iz based kurds are based 1S1Z also basado

No. 562 by lusotropicalismo
this works well, glad to learn it. thanks!

No. 571 by Dit tiddler
Does anyone know where one can find readable copy of this?

No. 747 by owainm
cody wilson's book is one f my favorites outside of frog twitter ZONE. hihgly recommend frogs looking to take break from rw stuff to take a look. Acknowledg I am a complete simp for him, almost as much for as BAP, but he imo is really one of the most remarkable "man of power" of our age, if the title can still be used. Esp considering many in these parts of town are all talk anons (which is no bade thing) his character is breath of frash air and more.

No. 748 by owainm
And being a MAN OF POWER he must be brougt on Carib rhythm by BAP.

No. 749 by Richard
Currently reading Morning Crafts by Tito Perdue, one of the books in the iron-pill reading list

"Thirteen-year-old Leland Pefley was minding his own business, enjoying a day's fishing near his father's farm in Tennessee, when the odd, well-dressed and well-spoken man from the city appeared, inviting Lee to accompany him to a more interesting place. Out of curiosity, Lee followed him, and found himself hustled off to a strange, rustic academy in the wilderness with a group of other boys, all of whom had been semi-abducted as he himself had been. None of them knew why they were there. Some believed they had been brought there to be murdered, or worse. The Academy, it turned out, is an actual school, run by eccentric, curmudgeonly teachers obsessed with training an elite band of boys who will grow up with a passion to preserve some vestige of genuine culture amidst the tide of democratic, egalitarian degeneracy which they see ruining the modern world. To this end, the boys' heads are stuffed, day in and day out, with mathematics, Ancient Greek and classical music, among other subjects. Rankling at first under the teachers' bizarre, authoritarian methods, Lee sticks around, knowing that he can slip away at any time he wants. But, for some reason, he doesn't, and before long, he finds that his teachers are starting to make quite a lot of sense..."

No. 772 by costpoital

you ask for black and lgbt authors! i give you wish!

- Oscar Wilde, Picture of Dorian Gray (is English Nietzsche re aesthetics, he phenomenal balance between dandy and geni0s, he also die because convicted of great faggotry)
- Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man, is proven exception to blaq thinker rule, the only American Blaq classic & one of few classic of 20th century (he too describe alienation from blaq community for being author, was easier for average blaq to understand crimin00l than to understand blaq thinker)
- Emily D1ckinson poems, she probably ghey, but poems are w0wz, none about sex0rz tho i think

u see is possible to answer even during lack history munf

No. 1020 by g-gundam
Question for everyone:
Do you prefer physical books or ebooks? Why?

No. 1021 by squidpotion
I think this entirely depends on the book in question and the methods you use to obtain it. If the book is most likely to get you put on a list, it's more than likely OOP anyway, so pirate it. Aside from that, I think it's far better to own the physical book. People also forget that books can be a store of value. There are books that are easily worth 100's of $$$.

Also the problem with e-books obtained through legal means, is that can be nuked by the owner of the marketplace you bought it through or be limited to per-device and not your account. If you read the user agreement you do not own the book, you license the book. If the marketplace finds it objectionable? Nuked. If you bought it and then get a new e-reader or tablet, you have to buy it again. If it is nuked you are fuxx0rd. I would also make it a point to never under any circumstances let your e-reader/tablet connect to the internet if you're using it to read books. I have heard rumors that books would be "updated" at times. Cannot confirm 100%, but it certainly sounds like something that is within the realm of possibility.

Anyone with rec's for a solid e-reader wuld b vary nahce.

No. 1024 by trevor
I had the pleasure of reading Ted's manifesto on technology and I think he was right. I'm not sure to what degree though. For example, if televisions or telephones didn't exist while he was alive, would he still have done what he did? Would he still hold the same opinions if all "degenerate" or useless technology wasn't invented? I think the answer is a likely no, and if that is the case then it suggests Ted was overwhelmed by the corruption of his society due to technology, not technology itself. When we say technology we usually mean digital things or things like the radio, but as a whole it encompasses all inventions and advancements humanity has made. Ted's zealous anti-technologist position means that we would all be stuck on this rock until it boom booms or we all die out. I don't think that's a worthy fate for humanity.

I prefer physical when I can, it makes it easier to be engaged and I'm less distracted by the screen. Kind of like how working out, you don't want to touch your phone, because if you do then there's a chance you will forget about your workout entirely.

No. 1025 by g-gundam
>People also forget that books can be a store of value. There are books that are easily worth 100's of $$$.

I have one book like this in my physical collection -- Primary Perception by Cleve Backster. When Cleve Backster was still alive and this book was in print, it was about $15. Now it's rare and going for $175, but it's also a book I don't want to sell, because I like what it has to say.

>Also the problem with e-books obtained through legal means, is that can be nuked by the owner of the marketplace you bought it through or be limited to per-device and not your account.

I hate everything about how much control they have over content. It's so evil.

>Anyone with rec's for a solid e-reader wuld b vary nahce.

I'm curious about this as well. I've never owned an e-reader, but I'd like something with a long battery life that's decently ergonomic. I don't need color; I don't need anything fancy. I just need something that werks, and I'll take precautions on my end so I don't get e-cucked by (((publishers))).

No. 1026 by g-gundam
What I like about physical books is that it's hard to take away from you once it's in your hands. I also like that even if SHTF and the power grid goes down, you can still read a physical book. My concern for SHTF scenarios has been going up lately, because I think they want to go there.

No. 1027 by john
yes+much faster to read physical compared to screen. online are usually easier to obtain, + you can search them. but nothing really beats a real book. no eye strain from screen either. very good.

No. 1028 by squidpotion
>I hate everything about how much control they have over content. It's so evil.

My ISP sent me DMCA notice as soon as I download moobie via Pyr8 Bhey. Didn't even watch it. Tred lightly, lads. Chyna-style internet will soon be upon us. Normally this would have been NARC'd via comment section, which has mysteriously been absent in recent years. Pyr8 Bhey may b pozzed now? Or tohr-3nt was pozzed or file was pozzed? May b need to go full schizo with inturwebz security now. They attaq me.

Plz keep in mind when u buy fizikul edgy book also, frens. I see fizikul copy recently of Seege by Mames Jason baq in print. @tom-w***en had feds among them. Draw ur own conclusion.

No. 1080 by g-gundam
>Anyone with rec's for a solid e-reader wuld b vary nahce.

There's a thread on /g/ where they're battling it out now, and people seem happy with the offerings from Kobo.

No. 1143 by Zabatendorf
Id like to throw in an a medeval book the Malleus Maleficarum (the hammer of witches). It was the second most popular book in europe besides the bible at the time. It is insanely logical in how it lays everything out on the proper way to deal with witches. These are skills we need in our current spiritual war frens

No. 1159 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I downloaded the PDF and will get around to it... Fantastic suggestion man

No. 1202 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Does anyone know of the best books on the art of propaganda/rhetoric?

No. 1203 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I just found these two PDFs via a comment on Keith Woods' channel. I think y'all should check them out.

Why Europeans Must Reject Christianity

Rome vs. Judaea, Judaea vs. Rome

These 3 links are related commentaries for quick overviews:

No. 1215 by Zabatendorf
Aristotles rhetoric, schopenhauer also has a short piece about how to win any argument (the title is along those lines)

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