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No. 1691 by YoungViceroy88
Vice has died.
This is doomer post. Most my posts are doomer posts. But I though I might make thread on this idea.

The idea of vice, of fun and wildness like Prosties, Games , Stippers, Gambling, Bars and lounges, the fun wild underworld, is not there anymore.
Perhaps I am too romantic or have my head up my ass, but upon reading some of Bel-Ami, Duroys thoughts and his interaction with prosties. The way I am able to relate to him. How Paris and that whole world seems to be real and not so far away, in EVERY capacity was more fun and alive than Vegas or perhabs Prague of today. Maybe ended in WW2, I am not sure.
FUN existed. I mean fun like what was said in book. Burlesque plays where big booby womons stand nude atop the stage. "Blackguards" from all over watch. Take pleasure of prosties after. Served as basically Bandits sanctioned by a country which still cared (Duroy was a French Hussar in was I assume to be 1830s-40s France, raiding Arabs in the Oran). I am only 3 chaps in but reading this came into my mind.
There was actually violence, sex, freedom, and fun. Cajouling with men whom you remember bullying some foreign tribe with in a colony far off. A fun life of a bandit-pirate. Paris was a fun city, with a great Vice "scene".
It produced many of the great artists and writers of the time, and I can feel the great energy of the environment as he sat staring at the Brunette Harlot.
This is not just from book, but art and architecture. People were so happy and free. And no, being a libertine doesnt make you an effeminized cuckold. For the same men who did these things would also discuss how to colonize new lands and lead civilization to greatness. THEY KNEW THE WORLD.
Benjamin Franklin embody this type to me. Very well learned, had great appetitte for womons, etc.
Almost all good men partook in vices. Btw, I have not hired prostie. But I am not a virgin.

I just want to know what happened to these great parties of happiness? Of splendor and beauty?

No. 1692 by YoungViceroy88
Today, if one wants to see hot nekkid womons they become Pron man. Which I think is not good and does hurt you, not saying sex is bad, but this had some negative sideffects.
There is such little Freedom to pursue a truly open society in the way they had it in France or Belle Epoque Europe. The standardization, bureacratization, and 'safety" of new world has ended this fun.
You join army you cannot loot, you cannot take slave, you cannot come home with trunk filled with Afghan gold and jewelry.
You come back home to major city. It is delapidated and fallen. Fat negresses walk around and bother you. Blow steam by having fun in """NIGHTLIFE""" area.
Nightlife area are all retired boomers. Sipping on budweiser or mixed drink. Boomer atop stage singing Buffet or smth, dont know who that is.
Casino dealer guatemalan. Doesnt speak english well. Very ugly. Smells like too much cheap cologne. Other players are groids or 70+ years old. Even more bizzare you talk to them they are retired Lutheran pastor or Episcopalian...
Everyone geriatric, everyone shit. Drinks taste bad too.
Okay, maybe some pussy make my night okay. You go into strip club.
30+ Bmi mulatta convulse on floor next to 50 yr skeletal old meth head. Perhaps they nudie, not want to see. Smell and look bad. Other men around looks soyish or negrified.
Perhaps I call escort. Dont know much about this, perhaps better. I dont like Bimbo look though.

Is this what we look forward to as a young 20s late teens male?

How do we have fun? I like Hiking yes, but I wamt womans, I want to carouse with frens. Man is not meant to be lonely ascetic creature.

This must be first major change when we take power. Destroy this fake "fun". Ban Onlyfans and get those bitches in Brothels. Make REAL LIFE worth going into.

Vidya is fun and okay. I feel like I looose touch with reality. Only in moderation. Same with vice I propose

No. 1693 by YoungViceroy88

Wild west man had their pretty Belle Harlots, booby popping out, smoking and drinking saloons to wind down once a month or year. Goes out to harass Indian or Company to make monies.

This is across Europe, and I believe biggest cause for high death and even trannification. Owned space. Underworld is open space. Freedom, risk, beauty.

Again, only a small population should be involved. perhaps 1-5% of womans MAX. And men only between 14/15-50. Older men makes things look odd. Perhaps should be dead or somewhere else.

But back to modern "entertainment" and vice, ITS ALL SCRUBBED OF Sex and beauty and danger.

I remmeber early 2000s racing and sports. Cheerleaders were sexy, girls would flash. Men would meet womons and have party time drunk sex at night after game. Now, its all 40-60 yr old boomers. Maybe a few young people (non having fun). Simply ""'Enjoying the game""". Retarded.

The Ampitheatre wasnt just sport. They had drinks, dancers, womons, food, fun! You go there with fellow city guard and watch semetic rebel be torn apart by lions while Illyrian nude womons tries to get you. This IS GONE. Vanished. You are meant to live in cookie cutter home with wife. But now wife is fat. Now she may not even have kids. Now your kids are not even yours. Now your home is 800 sq ft apartment, now its just pets. Now she is fat too, now "she" wasnt even born a woman.

WE MUST GET OUT! I feel suffocated. I need a breathe. I need to sit underneath the Trees at night and enjoy the refreshing cool air sourced from the laughter and happiness of healthy people engaging in moonlit fun.


No. 1694 by YoungViceroy88
High death for white men*

And across western world*

No. 1695 by YoungViceroy88
Also Apologize for misstypes and misspellings. I am multitasking.

No. 1696 by YoungViceroy88
Also most importantly, Everyone was white. Which is believe is 90% cause for the end of this.

No. 1697 by YoungViceroy88
I mean by the fact that we are not homogenous anymore. or all White/European.

No. 1698 by john
This is good post

No. 1699 by carnicero
sounds like you should do the prostie route. maybe abroad. southeast asia, south america, europe. let us know what you do youngviceroy and if it sparks a fire.

No. 1702 by YoungViceroy88
I think I want to Visit Prague and Budapest. I love the History of Bohemia and the Hungarians. Their womons are pretty and fecund (Czech having highest tfr in EU). I also like the men too. Czechs and Hungarians are good men. Find wife and good fren there. I did a DNA comparison kit, and my top 3 closest modern populations are Germans, Czechs, and Dutch. So perhaps I visit Flanders or some German towns as well. I hear Flemish are a strong people, very beautiful country too.

Asia I am not sure. I want to Visit Singapore, Tibet, Mongolia, and Japan. Mayb Korea too. But not for womons, they can be cute but tbh they are not my type even if I meme. All those Asians are bro-tier too.

Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile has been long time dream to visit. I need to do it soon but its very expensive. Mexico looks like fun too honestly. When I am done with Uni I will be making MANY trips haha. Need to know what the world has to offer.

I just want to see some more old castles, hot womons & prosties, and good frens to be by my side. All I wish for.

No. 1704 by carnicero
Sounds like a great list of countries. I will be living close to Prague in the relatively near future so I will be visiting it lot. I've heard so many great things about the Czech Republic--seems like it gets the best of Western and Eastern Europe while avoiding the pitfalls of both.

As far as prosties, I've heard Colombia, Netherlands, and Germany are known for their abundance--not sure about quality though.

No. 1705 by YoungViceroy88
Nice. Very lucky to live in Bohemia.

And my big gripe with prosties is that most are imported Moldovans, Ukrainains, Romainians, etc.

I want to try the local womons when I go somewhere. Also I hope they dont let Blacks, Indians, Or Arabs into the Brothels. Disgusting.

Oh! Greece and Bulgaria would be a fun visit too! Istanbul and western turkey I hear is good for prosties and adventure. Has Lycian and Grek Ruins most importantly.

Would Cyprus be a cool visit too?
Prosties there? Again, If I go somewhere I want locals womons. And preferably not Gypsy womon who give me infection. Someone tell me story of getting cock sucked by gypsy prostie and being turned infertile by it. Most likely gypsy magic tho. Will keep eye out (.) (.).

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