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No. 1666 by g-gundam
Caribbean Rhythms with BAP - Episode 126 - Solon Man of Power

>On second half I cover part of life of Solon man of power in Athens and his adventures, but on first I talk some controversies on Twatter in past two weeks, including mass chimpout over how outrageous Schopenhauer and Kant are...and the Philistinism of the left.



No. 1668 by john
Oo yes I must listen to this today. Fren enjoyed it

No. 1671 by William Cecil Clayton
I guess he isn’t using t-gram anymore. g-gundam do you use Twitter?

No. 1682 by g-gundam
Not really. I read it for fun, but I don't post.

No. 1684 by William Cecil Clayton
Add me on T-gram @WLLMCCLCLTN. I put you in Chadnet mannerbund GC.

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