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No. 1660 by William Cecil Clayton
Quitting Twitter. Full Chadnetcel.
Twitter is a place for people to mumble and publicly masterbait. I can no longer ride on that subway. Are there any others out there?

No. 1662 by john
The main reason I use it is for chatting with friends, not tweeting.

No. 1663 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>

The only social media I have ever used is Telegram, for <6 months. Recently I discovered Thomas Sewell. Also Blair Cottrell. The South Africans are living in a zombie apocalypse, no rule of law/open race war. Much of the West is headed in the same direction, with all institutions not only subverted, but controlled. I'm also over halfway through Evola's corpus. As much as I enjoy and have learned from his teachings of the heroic Tradition, the world is almost entirely lacking in Men - elite virile substance - from which to forge a new aristocratic Order (warrior elite). We are scattered throughout the West, and mostly powerless. Sewell's strategy is to engage in activism and peaceful public resistance, attracting like minds/directing White Flight from the cities, and centralizing power in rural areas (creating a power base) as a survival measure and springboard for reconquering our countries. Detaching and creating self-sufficient communities insulated from the corruption. The few Aryans or potential Aryans (not just genetically, but spiritually) are largely scattered and disorganized.

In a few months I will have read all of Evola's books in English translation, and while I have a few more books I'd like to read (Sex and Character, The Ancient City, perhaps Anthony Ludovici's A Defense of Aristocracy), I'm already pretty tired of the written and spoken word. It's a bit repetitive, and frankly I know it all already. In terms of commitment and level of understanding, I'd rank myself beneath, but not very far from Asha Logos or Thomas Sewell. Action is paramount. Absolute conviction, spiritual indomitability and detachment from the profane, and the will to sacrifice your life for victory is needed to achieve victory and live a life of freedom.

Time is short. Young radicals/committed heroes must band together in the real world and save themselves, form Mannerbunds. We're looking at a total collapse of order and White minorities in 10-20 years

No. 1664 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I'd like to compile a concise but comprehensive guided radicalization program. Privately produced and disseminated hard-drive propaganda as a kind of "initiation"/galvanization/call to action to guys we meet in real life.

If Chadnet could eventually create some kind of Mannerbund formation software/mechanism for localized group-formation, for young men and even young women if they exist in our spheres, that would be radical.

As I've said, I'm looking to move West this summer and focus entirely on learning how to ride a horse well and become a cowboy/hunter so that I can live outside the monetary system as much as possible, in the wild. Maybe it's a stage, but that's my top aspiration right now.

I realize that even with a total awareness of the state of the world, and the Jewish and cthonic forces of subversion, it's still every man for himself, it seems. Free for all. I look forward to this changing. This online movement stands to lose its momentum if people don't sever themselves from the system and become self-sufficient. You cannot stand and fight if you can't feed yourself.

Hope this wasn't too much public BS masturbation on my part. Cheers, all.

No. 1665 by Cleitarchus

very nice but how will you convince people to read it? Its hard enough convincing a friend to listen to a song you sent them. it takes a lot of charisma. perhaps it would be necessary to learn secret magic of erik jan hanussen and others like him. in a lhasa brothel there is a tunnel that leads to an an ancient place, there is order of monks... i can say no more.

No. 1673 by sailorbro2
If my suspension is perm im probably not going to make a new account on the Twitter.

No. 1674 by William Cecil Clayton
You were @piratebronze right?

No. 1675 by sailorbro2
I was

No. 1676 by William Cecil Clayton
Yea saw you got the boot. If you got a t-gram I can put you in my GC. Mostly other guys from Chadnet.

No. 1677 by William Cecil Clayton
Mishima says that you can only know by doing. Knowledge without action isn’t real knowledge. Write your piece. Submit it to Chadnet.

No. 1678 by William Cecil Clayton
How do you get a Native American to learn English ;)

No. 1701 by carnicero
Go for it sol aeterna. Become the cowboy samurai the Japanese see you as.

No. 1706 by SocraDEEZ
Do it on urbit

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