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No. 1650 by SocraDEEZ
Homosexuals do not exist
The anus is not a sex organ and gays do not exist. This is actually a more tolerant perspective because it acknowledges sex as being reproductive between a man and a woman, and anything else just a spectrum of fetish. Sodomy is damaging physically and mentally, and wrong in all cases.

This is the only way forward for depoliticizing judeo-nihilist sex politics

No. 1651 by DeportedFromLatvia

No. 1653 by john
you are brown

No. 1655 by Coldpillows98
There are noble and ignoble acts.

Sexual orientation doesn't exist.

The invention of homosexuality began in 1900 and is used only as a social disrupter. Many young men get caught up in gay or lgbt communities since they feel rejected or a fakness among their peers which leads to a perversion of friendship and camaraderie. They end up turning to degenerate activities since their instincts are thwarted and sexualised.

Read the Asylum Volume 1 issue 4, The Gay Question by Citizen of Geneva:

No. 1657 by Cleitarchus

This article was quite earth shattering- I haven't seen a revelation like this since I read BAM. Thank you for linking.

No. 1658 by William Cecil Clayton
Yes by far one of all time best articles.

No. 1703 by carnicero
Does anyone actually buy the idea that there cannot be male friendships without some kind of sexual element?

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