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No. 1642 by YoungViceroy88
Frog Concentration Zones
Awhile ago I set out to Rank US states, and have been too busy to fully develop the project as of yet (Promise will be out eventually).

But I think a important part of feeling happy somewhere is prescence of fellow Frogs.
I am not asking to Dox location, so please say more than one place.

Now, I have met a Frog and a few Frog-Adjacent peoples outside where I am. Its a university town in South East USA. But things are changing VERY fast to get worse. College Kids and environment seems to have fewer and fewer Frogs than before. I remember first year of Uni I met 3 to 4 Frog type peoples who like Rhodesia, Play Morrowind, """REDPILLED""", etc. Seems like they are rarer nowadays. Perhaps many gave up university as I did temporarily and went elsewhere. Covid did this to many of our men.

But knowing this, University environment becoming more hostile than it already was (Even in time of Schopenhauer), what is next?

Where do Frogs go to flange out and become the big men?

I have been pondering about going to DC metro area near Arlington or smth. I know quite a few Frogs around Tidewater area (Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland)

NYC I know used to have many Frog but many left I believe.
Large Population in Pacific north west too (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana), and Utah. But these places might be more limited in what you can achieve in greatness and job opportunities.

And what about Europe? Is Frog in Barcelona? Madrid? Split? Varna? Reykjavik?

Perhaps secret Frog enclave in Singapore or Japan? What about Argentina? Uruguay?

Montevideo nice enough town. Santiago in Chile too.

Some of these places BAP reccomends. What do you think?

No. 1643 by William Cecil Clayton
Are you looking for a job? Because you achieve greatness pretty much anywhere if you got big enough set of balls. Do you not have friends where you are?

No. 1644 by YoungViceroy88
I have a good friend in town, and a few in the state overall. I am in FL. And I suppose greatness is achievable here and elsewhere but I feel like going somewhere relatively new and unknown will activate something within me. I need to truly be on my own and navigate myself to become capable of greatness. I feel like throwing myself somewhere with a lot of movement will allow this to happen. DC area is one I am looking at.

And also, those few friends I have here have left or want to leave. Florida is becoming like Another California but less pretty and more swampy/humid. Florida was in the cheapest 10 states to live in before 2000, now its climbed to 15th most expensive and will likely be #12 by 2025, and even worse by 2030. Not a good long term project here.

No. 1659 by William Cecil Clayton
Everywhere sucks pretty bad. You either need to reshape your environment in your own image or flee to temple like Heraclitus.

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