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No. 1615 by g-gundam
This Guy Remote Viewed Covid in 2017
I came across this while browsing /pol/ last night. Posting it here for future reference.


Edward Riordan

Remote Viewing My Ominous Feeling. Origin Unknown Part 1. Virus, What is to come 2017

Remote Viewing My Ominous Feeling Pt2, The ALARM. Disease X? 2017

Remote Viewing My Ominous Feeling Pt3: PATHOGEN. Disease X? 2017

Remote Viewing My Ominous Feeling Pt4: Zeroing In. Disease X? 2017

Remote Viewing My Ominous Feeling Pt 5: Blood Borne Pathogen. Disease X? 2017

No. 1620 by john
This is interesting. I've always wondered about the potential of remote viewing.

No. 1621 by g-gundam
Ed Riordan published a new video a yesterday where he looked back on his 2017 remote viewing sessions when he was trying to get insight into the ominous feelings he was getting. It's partly in response to the Died Suddenly documentary that also came out a few days ago which talks about vaccine-related deaths and talks a lot about blood clots. He didn't know it in 2017, but he was getting visions of blood clots years before they were a thing.

>Died Suddenly

No. 1635 by g-gundam
There was an interesting drawing at around 19:00 in this video, but he didn't elaborate on it.

>In this persons mind

>they feel a relationship

>with these tiny organisms

>like they feel they

>like a father figure

>to these organisms

>as psychological profile

>I can see this person

>talking directly to the

>organism like it is their pet.

>like they talk to it like

>another living organism.

No. 1636 by john

No. 1645 by g-gundam
Another remote viewer from about 20 years ago had something interesting to say about vaccines.

No. 1646 by john
Just listened. This is very interesting. I do wonder if this whole fagscine thing will return in 2023, because for now it seems that the Russia-Ukraine thing eliminated it, but that also seems to be dying down a bit, so who knows..... Also Art Bell's show is great.

Have you ever tried to remote view, yourself?

No. 1648 by g-gundam
I've never tried remote viewing, but I have had one out-of-body experience after trying some exercises outlined in Robert Monroe's first book. I must've had some beginner's luck, because I haven't been able to successfully lift out since then.

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