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No. 1613 by SocraDEEZ
man3f3zd0 of soldier of the west
We seek to be soldiers. At every turn today we are denied this path through the subtle but ever encroaching breakdown of order, discipline, standards, and the erosion of our warfighting spirit. The purposes we are given are questionable. Instead of focusing on making us strong, we scrutinize the weak in our ranks. Ever increasing tolerance dilutes us. Ever increasing bureaucracy diminishes responsibility and hampers action. Our leaders cannot lead.

No virtue can be found in meaningless tasks. No spirit can be found without the opportunity for virtue.

We must cultivate a culture of our own to regain that understanding of what it means to be an army. Acceptance has allowed ideologies to creep in to what once was our tradition, and it now visibly degenerates our force. Instead of turning a collective blind eye, we each must focus on ourselves, we must turn inside and silently answer the questions that jump out at us every further day we devote our time and our spirit to our armies- those quickly fading notions we swore to when we volunteered.

No. 1614 by SocraDEEZ
Our solution is simple; pull ups and the road march. Two basic activities of combat of any age. Discriminators of weak, accessible to all. Practicing these two activities on our own or with others separates us from the mass that has crept into our ranks. They temporarily take us away from our computers, our rooms, our offices, from the ideology and politics in our organizations, and for a moment put us outdoors in the natural environment of war. Not everyone can do these two activities, because not everyone can be a soldier.

When we practice them of our own volition we make ourselves strong. We do not need to ask our leaders to exercise. The simple act of practicing these activities ourselves empowers us to find strength and identity in ourselves. You can see them in your formations. You know who they are. Those with the fortitude to silently strive in these two endeavors become fit, both physically and in spirit.

You already walk the path of the soldier. You wish to be different. Take the step and forge your strength.

No. 1661 by William Cecil Clayton
Well said. I completely agree. Sounds like you aren’t on the army e-sports team.

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