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No. 1600 by g-gundam
Caribbean Rhythms with BAP - Episode 122 - Turning Point Urbit

>Special guest show with Urbit enthusiast to discuss this possible new internets! And we talk also cryptocurrency, threats from governments, the idea of new technology, futurism versus cottagecore Benedict option, and many such thing



No. 1602 by john
I think urbit is meme

No. 1605 by g-gundam
Way back when Urbit was first released, I thought it was too esoteric for it to catch on. I'm very surprised that someone like BAP is talking about it now. It's a difficult topic to discuss due to all the specialized vocabulary Urbit introduced. They don't use common computing terms like everyone else, so it makes it difficult to communicate the ideas behind Urbit.

No. 1610 by john
Well, wasn't urbit made by moldbug who is bap's friend? He probably heard about it a long time ago. Yes idk why urbit was made with those obscure schizo terms, but the idea of bittorrent is basically the best for hosting le files

No. 1611 by YoungViceroy88
So Its still made by a jew?
Is the guy with the voice changer he had on Curtis?

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