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No. 1567 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Mannerbund Formation
This post was created with inspiration and input from john smith (creator of Chadnet) and William Cecil Clayton, Julius Evola, Friedrich Nietzsche, and these two Academic Agent videos:

Aristocrats vs. Plebeians

Dialectics and ‘No dialogue’

These are some scattered thoughts. Defining the constraints on our action and current situation can be done in the future

Primary Objectives:

Reawakening and infinite hypertrophy of Aryan genetics, spiritual nobility/bravery/freedom from materialism and power worldwide.
Unifying vision: destroy the Modern World, and eliminate all threats to Aryan rule, = eternal victory
De-atomization = Nucleation = Sacred Warrior Mannerbund localized formation, Worldwide = Eventual overthrow of existing order from all directions

Developing “standing army” of widely dispersed, yet unified “cells” of Mannerbunds and small settlements (eventually closed tribes, including women and children) that is perfectly aware of the reality and true balance of power, and entirely committed to overthrowing the existing order and seizing power, establishing themselves as the sole ruling power of their domain. Olympian Men whose nature and every fiber of being compels them to destroy Evil and purify the world. Virility comes from within, like the Sun. It is the driving force of Life; competition, self-overcoming, union with the divine, the Absolute Self.

These can participate in the Chadnet communication network as they see fit, but the key is that they be given the tools and information to initiate themselves into omniscience and limitless power, and spiritually purify themselves/self-radicalize.

No. 1568 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
We need a central, positivist vision and aesthetics, a unifying set of ideals and symbols, ideally a spoken and written language unique to us. A set of positive and negative commandments and definition of what it means to be Aryan. People need to be able to viscerally visualize and transform/awaken the deepest aspects of themselves via prolonged visual and auditory stimulation in isolation (refinement, focus, de-programming, re-programming/brainwashing). Need to condense, refine, and catalyze the potency of awakening/radicalization (radix = root/source in Latin). A fully awakened person ought to be completely immune to subversion; if they decide to cooperate with the forces of evil, it will be a conscious decision. Once they have a conception of the one true way, can conceptualize in detail and intimately understand the luminous Indo-European Tradition, they must loyally cling to the path of righteousness, strength and ascendance, and seek to become the most masculine, sacred, aristocratic version of themselves and embody the highest Aryan ideals in an ascetic heroic devotion.

Such a process of initiation (guided awakening, education) requires media and can be guided via a computer. We can condense the most important content into an encrypted hard drive (repository), and use Macbook Air laptops running Linux OS and using Matrix software and a set of secure servers to cheaply and securely communicate anywhere there is an Internet connection. In this way, we can have an extremely versatile global network of high quality people. The goal is for them to live with/near and help each other in a tribal/National Socialist model.

No. 1569 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
The awakening process that I and many others in this sphere have undergone was self-directed, a bit crude, scattered, and repetitive at times. It must be dramatically shortened and standardized, its potency and efficiency increased. A single program for awakening Aryan values must be created and compiled from existing content. A guided initiation into warrior-manhood.

“You can lead a horse/camel to water, but you can’t make it drink”. Everyone has varying capabilities and desire to learn, and willingness or devotion to the struggle for victory. Creating a refined, single repository of Tradition (aesthetics, customs, Laws) will allow Aryans all around the world to awaken and synchronize, becoming aware of the evil that threatens the world, and help them mobilize to combat it. Not everyone will rise to the challenge of such a heroic quest; while Mannerbunds will be able to form spontaneously with Chadnet communications technology, Mannerbund members will need to continuously prove their loyalty to Aryan Tradition and devotion to self-ennoblement over a number of years. This may not be a lifelong commitment for some, but for those that remain, they will have a small group of fellow aristocrats to interbreed with, and hopefully (and eventually) a curated global network of Men of proven loyalty.

The State/Bank/Corporations (heretofore “Hydra”, the controlling power of which is organized International Jewry) is a Hydra with various methods of coercion and the ability to compel obedience from the fearful, ignorant, cowardly masses; the stranglehold will only tighten into the future:
- Food access
- Transportation, gasoline
- Utilities for domestic housing
- Communications (processing power and data storage will all be on the Cloud, processing and memory chips will not be included in commercial electronics, only the display. Everything will be centrally controlled via the Internet)
- Taxes siphon energy
- Wage slavery siphons time and feeds the system

No. 1570 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
- Police and much of military are the enforcement arm of the State and are composed of slaves brainwashed to love the State and the power/authority/financial security/privileges they partake in by associating with it. After the human slaves of the Hydra are killed, it will not have a means to defend itself besides robots, which have no free will.
Surviving, eliminating dependence on or vulnerability to coercion from Modern World is of top priority and paramount to long-term success. Independent food production and industrial base.

Power projection requires a base/foundation
Operating in unison requires synchronization of beliefs and actions
Group warfare
Conscious Identity, Tradition, Exclusivity, Intolerance, Integrity

Proposed solution:

Power begins with the individual’s sustained will to grow and dominate his environment; project his power and reign over a territory. First you must know and control thyself, and completely understand the mechanics of your environment – be able to see and destroy/evade all threats to your life. Must have absolute certainty of conviction. Can operate in groups to dramatically amplify power.
Transcendent heroism, virile aggression and domination, creativity, loyalty
We must teach virtue

Characteristics of slaves and their uses for the ruling class of free warriors
All we need is food, weapons, mobility, and ability to sleep overnight in comfort and security. Truck/vans/horses & tents that can be slept in? Cloaks, high tech clothing for temperature regulation/impermeability/night vision? Super-suit.

No. 1571 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Power, nowadays, cannot be accumulated within the institutions. The Traditional center – the European Medieval Warrior Aristocracy – has been hollowed out, corrupted, killed in warfare, materially dispossessed, and completely subverted. They have already been thoroughly penetrated and the various secret societies exist to eliminate opposition to their rule. Prospective members of an Aryan Solar Order are scattered, young individuals, usually of modest means; therefore powerless and vulnerable.

Nucleation must begin very small-scale, and at the local level – everywhere – between individuals of like mind finding each other and helping each other grow. We need to maximize our potential for growth (quantity of ideal candidates), cultivation (continued improvement in qualities and skills of the Men), and establish a network of “safe houses”. Chadnet could serve as the guiding light, the center of an intelligent re-formation and reorganization of human power, enabling us to connect, cooperate, and reinforce each other. Need global, central high command to link this decentralized network of Mannerbunds and make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

With a buildup of enough force/potential, we could rapidly coalesce/colonize remote parts of South America, for example, or attack a target and then disperse.
We must begin to create hierarchies of loyal and specialized, warlike Men, even on the most basic level. We must take sustained, intelligent action to secure our freedom, preserve our dignity, and increase our power. Developments will take on a life of their own from there, but critical mass must be reached – frens must be made in real life, much sacrifice to be made.

No. 1572 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
The plan in short:
Self-initiate, educate, cultivate, bring to fullest expression Aryan traits
Create Warrior Aristocracy that concerns itself with:
Production/Consumption of raw meat and dairy
Partaking in Aryan music, literature and visual art individually and as a Mannerbund
Establishment of autarchic settlements (even a warehouse or joint housing situation, a room) in which complete homogeneity and integrity are possible, in which Aryan culture can be publicly enjoyed, and in-person discussions and public work and life can exist without fear of the enemy. We need to live together and establish infrastructure for sustaining ourselves independently and becoming immune to control, especially financial and physical.
Weapons and Outdoorsman Training
Building up skills, resources, and logistical base for inflicting both mass and strategic violence and chaos, and eliminating all threats to dominance
Resource sharing, communications, grand projects/collaborations National Socialist style
Identification of fully committed men of noble character and incorruptible loyalty to form a High Command of genius Warrior-leaders and centralized logistics/intelligence arms to allocate/exploit resources and expand intelligently. Formation of a new, “Imperial” aristocracy.
Becoming a highly mobile weapons platform that can seek out and destroy Evil and its slaves/slave-controllers/managers wherever they may be.
When the time is right, engage in pre-planned, concerted effort to destroy all heads of Hydra, or survive and overcome such an onslaught from the enemy.
Emerge victorious in the darkest hour


No. 1573 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Basically, we put our Tradition in a computer and hard drive pair, and each Mannerbund will have a least one such device. This will bring about an awakening of Aryan values and enable cells of Mannerbunds to communicate and cooperate on local and global levels.

No. 1574 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Must be able to find frens, spred, become Chad, achieve Eternal Victory.
Computard will be used as Aryan offline equivalent of Torah and inspire heroism, instill virtue, teach esoteric knowledge

No. 1575 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Chadnet can be hub for connection to Matrix groups and Mannerbund formation, and some initial funding.

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