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No. 1559 by DeportedFromLatvia
BRICS is the door to a multipolar world, in a cold war style.
With the elections in Brazil, the true plan has shown its face. It's not "Lula", it's not progressivism, it's not "democracy" they want. The truest plan for BRICS is to build a new Soviet/Commie block in the world, learning from the mistakes of the past and using capitalist practices to fund the revolution. The greatest owners of mineral riches, food production and oil of the world would work together to subvert the individual liberties of the rest of the world.

Mainstream media in Brazil has been pretty shameless with it. "Multipolar world", "Integrated America", "Unasur". The cards are being played. The amazon is gonna be handed to woke EU for mineral exploration(gold, diamonds, Niobium, lithium, Uranium, oil, etc.), and in return they'll "care for preservation".

Be warned fren, the cold war is back in full power, and it's about to get hot.

Elections in Brazil got frauded and the whole world is applauding. Lula's term would consolidate Chinese and Russian long plan of domination. BRICS will finally show its face in near future.

We can just hope the proof of fraud will work against the reds, with the help of the military.

No. 1561 by YoungViceroy88
How does one survive this new cold war? Resentment has been built up on both sides towards each other and idealogies are so warped that each sides purpose, methods, and goals are unclear.

I would feel sorry for Russian anon who gets duped by possible patriotism to serve Putler only to end up being sent to CAR to train negro terrorists to go to France to rape and kill. And same with home grown American boy being ordered to shoot missile from drone to kill hundreds of Russian or Serbian civilians. How we avoid our involvement in the war. Who will the next third world movement be? All the places this traditionally would have manifested are gone (Yugo, Libya, South Africa, etc). Perhaps Argentina or Chile? Singapore might be willing to strike out but its lost its leader and is getting flooding by poos. And seeing as to how the way current western regimes treat its people, its going to get worse.

Basically I ask, what is ideal third world (Unaligned) country to invest our hopes into? Perhaps we should have gone there a long time ago.

No. 1562 by YoungViceroy88
I also wanted to add, each side is so resentful and bitter towards each other that nuclear destruction or some other civilization ending weapon is to be unleashed on us all. Whether or not they are both zog puppets working for one world government, which might be true, we need to go somewhere and not have our asses forcefully pumped by negro tranny in USA or the Whites in Brazil, Russia, and South Africa to be outright slaughtered or exploited for military purposes.

No. 1565 by Coldpillows98
I’ve seen many on our side support the multi polar world since it seemingly opposed against the GAE, NWO, and anti-wokeness. But despite Russia cloaking herself as traditionalist she still supports smart cities, smart money, never said anything against wef. With America being pushed out of Eurasia and civil war/ race war being provoked in the US we could see a shift toward a global federalized government with Israel as the world capital providing tech and human capital to each ‘pole representative’ around the world.

The whole of humanity subjugated into a constantly surveilled petting zoo. Communism 2.0

No. 1566 by DeportedFromLatvia
Exactly, Russia and China being "anti-gay" is true because they need STRENGTH TO BUILD ARMIES.
LGBT being pushed on the west is a weapon to weaken and to demoralize current and future generations. It was never about ideology.
Russia is right about NATO expansion, but they're decisively not on the side of freedom. They love BRICS for now, because it feeds and help them. China same shit.
NATO and globohomo are out of control, their disease spreads, major psychosis on western countries.


No. 1576 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Glad to see you've been watching Brendon O'Connell

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