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No. 1537 by Chvd
Should I...?
I'm 21 and I really don't talk to any girls. My class is 95% male and the only girl that I've talk with is, ironically, a morrocan one, just because she was impressed at my "knowledge" about his country (obviously, being a cosmopolitan racist...). But that's very occasional and, that's about it (she's not super pretty either).

However. I've got a sister, and she's in high school, just young enough that sometimes, my parent's have to accompany her when she goes out with her friends.

Say what you want, but her female friends are hot as fuck. I knew this for a while. A long time ago one of them came to our house and I though: "Oh what a pretty girl [face], she's so kind..."

Nice, she was.. 9 I guess? Nothing special.

Buy know? Holly shit.

I have to study for an exam, so today is missed opportunity. But maaaan...

Should I try this?? Or should I just, idk, kill myself for ""being a pedo""?

Most women of my age are either literally fat or, basically wasted... And the pretty ones are obviously with gigachads.

No. 1539 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Best to let women pursue you. Establishes dominance from the beginning. If they are not initiating contact and chasing after you/placing themselves in your immediate vicinity, either they don’t like you, or you need to draw out more of your masculinity.

If this girl is showing you clear signs of attraction, feel free to go for it, take charge. Best to get women while they are younger and purer. Higher quality ones are rare, of course. Don’t feel bad at all, it is natural to desire good genetics. Let it serve as motivation. I will attach some sources for you to utilize in increasing your masculine gravitas and expand rib cage bone structure dramatically - we must all become regal Chads and raise an army of our progeny to reclaim the West

I encourage this. Let it happen naturally; don’t force it - become irresistible

No. 1540 by john
How old r the girls

No. 1541 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
See my post:


Watch Golden Era Bookworm’s videos on Chest Expansion, and if you are not malnourished or already doing so, I suggest getting into bodybuilding. Learn proper lifting technique/biomechanics from YT channels like AthleanX or mountaindog1 (John Meadows, RIP).

Eat exclusively raw beef, and drink raw milk or eggs (blood if you can find it). Dietary information can be found at the Aajonus Vonderplanitz link I attached, and sv3rige’s information is now on

To begin the process of becoming Hyperborean Chad and learning the principles for interacting with women from a position of power, I suggest learning from Dr. BOA (begin with oldest videos)

Demand of yourself nothing less than total victory!

All the best

No. 1542 by Chvd
Thank you for the info. I do exercise (not as much as I should) but, I think that's for another topic.

I do take raw eggs, but for the rest... I still live with my parents and they aren't convince with this raw carnivore stuff. I do eat liver and I always try to cook everything with coconut oil.

What you're describing here is too advanced for me, believe me I heard about all this but, I have to fix other things first.

I use to watch sv3rige until he got banned, but I'll follow him on his website now that you mention him.

Thank you!

No. 1543 by Chvd
This one is 14...

The others are 13 😬, I think.

No. 1544 by Chvd
I agree, but do I really need all that to just get sex??

Most gigachads that I see are not particularly muscular. They just have a pretty face or are super tall.

I do swimming, push ups, running, sometimes more, others less. But if I wanted to do something that would help me with women, it would be mewing (I also do it) and taking care of hair and skin. That would be it for me, and push ups too.

No. 1545 by john
Yea u shud avoid them unless u want the law to troll u. If u want gf, read heartiste (on the wiki) and just go out and if u ask enough girl out eventually u will get gf. thats all really

No. 1546 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Look man, here I am thinking that there's some 16+ teenage girl you find especially attractive, so unique that you publicly seek the advice of better men than you on Chadnet on how to get her. I give you the information required to realize your greatest genetic potential and maximize your virile essence/masculinity - which you clearly have none of, and cannot even begin to conceive the meaning of.

You lazily, completely overlook advice on bodybuilding and the optimal diet, as well as top-notch pimp wisdom, claiming that all you want is just sex with underage girls because women your age are ALL with "gigachad". Your program of occasional cardio and some raw eggs is clearly a great success - mewing will definitely blow women away. Not to mention that there is so much more to being a Man's Man than having a "pretty" face or some height. You ignore the fact that skin, hair, and sculpting the jaw are all directly connected to eating a diet of raw meat, and fuck what your parents think. If you really watched Gatis/sv3rige you would know this. You clearly have no motivation whatsoever and are desperate enough as to consider pursuing 14 year olds. That's your business - take your own risks. If you're so excited about this girl try and muster enough creative thinking and imagination to jack off to her. I suggest you acknowledge your faults and seek to correct them.

We're not all going to make it, in fact this is an extinction/bottleneck event for the West. If you are not driven to be the greatest man possible and achieve everlasting victory, you will not make it and you are not fit to reproduce. This is not a game, this is life and death, and if you don't have the drive to improve or the honesty to admit that you're not giving it your all, that you are being passive, then you're fucked in life. You could have the best genetics in the world, but you are not fit spiritually to take on any great challenge - you need a a total overhaul before even considering women.

No. 1547 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Chadnet needs quality control

No. 1548 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Is this forum supposed to be a serious think tank of our best and a networking tool for creating grand plans to eventually save the West, or at least salvage the best genetics and found bodybuilding paradise republics in opportune locations? Or is the idea to allow every village idiot to talk about niggers and Heil Hitler. We need sophisticated solutions implemented by Men of impeccable character and unswerving loyalty - not idle chatter. On the next thread over we have people just now discovering that democracy is a complete farce. Am I too harsh, or are many of you just naive as fuck? Some pathetic posts on here lately. If anyone with a brain is reading this, be sure to read every post I've made here, paying special attention to sources I have linked.

Let's not let the level of conversation fall to the gutter. Your enemies are reading this and laughing at how pathetic some of these posts are. Had to say it.

No. 1550 by William Cecil Clayton
Expert demolition of this man’s victim posture. A significant amount of people are in various stages of their “reprogramming” not everyone has the innate instincts to recognize they were born into filth and scum. These people are still frends. However, I will not defend Chvd weak willed position on woman and sexual scavenging due to resentment.

If you want to crush people on the forum, go for it. I think a lot of good will come about from it, and a lot of feuds and drama too. A decent portion of people here do not expect to network or do more then make jokes and consume info. None of these things are bad, but they definitely aren’t productive conversations either. I absolutely agree that having some quality control would do Chadnet good, but we would need to make the forums exclusive in order to get out of them what you want.

No. 1555 by Chvd
I do appreciate you advice. And I do agree on the fact that "we're not all going to make it". That's fine.

No. 1556 by Chvd
I wouldn't try anything sexual, but just by being on the place, maybe I could gain some advantage against her competitors, in a few years.

No. 1557 by Chvd
Well I did not mean to disrespect the forum in any way by talking about this, maybe vulgar topic. I just thought that here I would find mature and reasonable answers, and I think I was right.

All of you know that forums are not the best place to make plans, specially like Club Tropical Excellence. You should maybe post a link with people you trust (then delete it), for an XMPP server or a Briar (using Orbot on android for example) group maybe, and then you would be filtering people, 1st: chat group, 2nd: frend group, and 3rd: planning group, for example. That would be the most effective quality control you can do.

No. 1558 by Chvd
I haven't taken Sol Aeterna answers as demolition at all. He's right in many points. I just think he's taking my post a bit too serious for what it really is. Im not saying he's stupid, I understand he wants this to be a serious place (that takes time though), and maybe my initial post looks like a silly greentext 4chan post.

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