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No. 1530 by john
Books About True Adventures
Does anyone know any books documenting real, historical adventures? The only one I know is Alfred Lansing's book about Shackleton's voyage to the Antarctic, which is very good.

No. 1533 by William Cecil Clayton
I fought with Custer. First hand account of an NCO that went on the expedition with him. Very good.

White Rajas. BAP mentions. Englishman becomes king in Borneo.

No. 1534 by john
Yes. Thank U!

No. 1601 by Domovik
Eastern Approaches - about travels in Central Asia, there are also sections on North Africa and Yugoslavia

Shackleton also wrote a memorial in which he recounted his expedition himself. The book is called South.

The journals of Marco Polo and John Cook have also been published.

No. 1603 by john

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