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No. 1456 by g-gundam
[BUG] The Chadnet Wiki theme is not applied to the additions pages.
@john - Maybe you already know this, but the wiki additions pages do not honor the value of `localStorage['theme']`.

>Example (Change something here.) (Reload after changing theme to see that nothing changed.)


No. 1459 by john
oh I forgot to put it in the category file generator ... I thought I did this whew lel

No. 1460 by john
it'll be fixed next time is uploaded ... I just ran the script to include this theme line in all files, forgot to actually add it to category generator each time it regenerates

No. 1461 by g-gundam
Here's a new document you can add to the library to trigger an update.
It's the "Parasite Pill" document that's probably one of the better things to come out of imageboard culture in 2021. I think it deserves to be preserved for future generations.

No. 1462 by g-gundam
I didn't see this document until 2021, but apparently the main theory was being talked about as early as 2019. This pastebin chronicles the history of #OPWORMPILL.

No. 1463 by g-gundam
Have you considered using CSS variables to implement themes?
This would let you change more than one style attribute a time.

No. 1464 by g-gundam
You also wouldn't have to reload the page to apply a theme.

No. 1465 by john
This is interdasting but idk if ray peat would agree ... it attack sugars, etc. Idk

No. 1466 by john
This is interesting, ty v much I will try something like this

No. 1469 by john

No. 1470 by g-gundam
Now change your theme(name) function so that it doesn't reload the page.

function theme(name) { localStorage.setItem('theme', name); document.body.setAttribute('data-theme', name) }

No. 1471 by g-gundam
A PSA for those trying this out and not seeing it work -- I had to Shift-Reload the page to make sure I wasn't getting a cached version of the old CSS before it started working as intended. If the theme changing doesn't seem to work, hold down Shift while clicking the reload button on your browser and try again.

No. 1472 by john
oh ye shoot i forgot this is fixed nao

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