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No. 144 by john
Tales of Adventure, Exploration & Survival Thread
Poast interesting tales of aforementioned here!

I will start with Shackleton's amazing voyage to the Antarctic. He and his crew (28 men total on expedition) was going to make the first land crossing across Antarctica. However, their ship got stuck in the ice and was CRUSHED! They did AMAZING feats of survival to reach civilisation. They were stuck I think for 2 years. But wat Shackleton, Worsley, and others did to SAVE their men, the voyage they went on to find whaling station... this is simply CRAZY! Later, they reached whaling station (over impossibly deadly waters with very funny boat, mind you) and made many attempts, finally rescuing crew beset on island. I recommend you read book on this by Alfred Lansing (i think is name) or just watch documentary on the interwebz. Very interesting

Wat stories you know?

No. 163 by Schwanzeleber
Summer 2019.
3 frens in 4.5m (15 ft) wooden dinghy sail to island in nw europe tidal sea. Turned away by harbormaster. Sail back in adverse weather. After return emotions of elation. Call up harbormaster on isle. Be told he watched u through telescope and felt sorry for being irresponsible in not letting men stay.

Was one time truly testing ability to keep calm while sailing downwind w/ against ebb flow. Enduring chop, keeping sail from gybing. Feel alive. Most bammy xp so far.

No. 208 by john
:O Good aventure

No. 1151 by john

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