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No. 1438 by g-gundam
Caribbean Rhythms with BAP - Episode 118 - GNC

>This long 2 hour show on GLOBAL NEGRO COMMUNISM, and the ideology that is behind it, or that is ornament advertisement for it. I talk about more Hilaire du Berrier evidence of America CIA and State Dept spreading communism through world in 1950s-60s, and about Second City Bureaucrat's discussion of Talcott Parsons and Robert Bellah as the ideology of GNC. I leave discussion of Star Wars and other movies for next time, this show was already quite long mayb you like



No. 1439 by john
i must listen

No. 1442 by lusotropicalismo
very good ep, worth the w8

No. 1447 by lusotropicalismo
BAP's imitation of the American accent makes me laff so hard

No. 1473 by g-gundam
BAP describes GNC, an International Racial Marxism spread by the USA since 1950.
From Caribbean Rhythms ep118 "GNC"

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