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No. 1416 by YoungViceroy88
Ideas about Space Exploration
Perhaps we talk about Space and possible future among stars.
I myself have gone back and forth about existence of space, whether it exists or not, or if its even physiologically possible for Human body to withstand environment due to radiation.

I make thread because I have been mulling over the worry that we have no means to propel a craft if it gets beyond atmosphere/orbit. All movement it has is from momentum it gained while in atmosphere allowing combustion based propulsion to push it. When it is in space however, and you cannot create a flame/combustion, what can be used to push. I hear soyence take of Ion propeller and if a Frog could explain concept would be appreciated. I recall that these propellers still need a power source. This power source cannot be combustion based as well for reasons previously stated. I heard something about use of fission power, or some fusion-fission hybrid. Meaning nuclear energy is only way we can see ourselves powering such interplanetary vehicles. If this is such case, I also heard statistic that only 500 tons of Uranium, or mayb 5000 tons, exist in whole planet. This worry me very much. Make me realize how finite resource are on planet, and how Spic-Nig cycle wasteful world empire make me worry they will empty all ore veins of the world for this, and thus empty all potential for future space exploration and expansion. Even if Aryans reconquer world and establish free decent government and federations and make effort, what will matter if all material means have been used up for shaniqua in Cleveland Ohio, so she can power electric stove to feed hamburger helper to her 5 niglets.

I suppose this two questions.
How we propel ship without combustion in vacuum of space?
What fuel sources would be needed for this new propulsion method?

No. 1417 by john
I like space, yes. Well, for space travel there are really several big problems... movement/transportation is among the biggest. Currently there are no means of going faster than light, which makes colonizing any distant star system very hard (not even counting the fact that comms only travel at speed of light). Where a letter was sent in past and it took perhaps weeks, if not months to arrive, this would now be years if far off lands were colonized, and with speed of local developments, this may be too slow... But for travel itself, I think nuclear is good option, but there should be nazi hitl0r ss research team funded by billionaires, governments into researching faster-than-light travel. Otherwise, for very light craft, solar panels or some derivatives could be used. But besides the problem of transport, locomotion, there is the problem of colonizing a planet by itself... conditions there are much harsher during storms than maybe in craziest of seas here, unless we find v good planet (which, again... very far)... but all this is problem because you need actual gov to fund this, actual organization and none of current ones even come close.. problem is world may collapse before we reach the stars and maybe this is for best so we dont have shanequa piloting interstellar craft straight into random citizen house

No. 1418 by YoungViceroy88
Regarding faster than light speed and distant systems-
Isnt Alpha Centauri relatively close? I see it is 4.4 lightyears away?
Our fastest recorded vehicle is only 4.5k mph, while lightspeed is 186,000 mph....
Meaning it would take about 181 years to get there. So maybe current tech is not ideal. But if we were able to cut something down to less than 50 years would you say its plausible? Something which travels at 16k mph would do it. We are already a quarter of the way there. And keep in mind, when this was reached, sixty years before, the plane was just invented. So, though this is already hypothetical, if innovation was to be properly encouraged and rewarded, do you think it would be a timely and worthwhile endeavor? And do you have any thoughts, theories, or ideas of how we would reach such speeds necassary?

And what you say about civilization collapse necassary so nappy-headed groids dont land in moon and defile the gods. Or defile space station when they freak out becuz they got wadah in they hair and it bad.

No. 1419 by YoungViceroy88
I also want to add, we have the capacity to be confined to smaller spaces for longer periods of time. I dont want to advocate for bug eating long-house vr style Wall-E life. But you could have preserved egg yolks and other DECENT foods prepared and produced on board. Tightly packed ship quarters. And though many might cringe at prospect, a lot of idle time would likely be the case for crew. Have perhaps some gyms, a few computers to allow entertainment in form of film, vidya, or something. I Believe crew of a few hundred could do this in 50 years.

No. 1420 by john
when plane was first flown, innovation was still at peak. now there is no innovation. 50 years: possible, but any resupply missions etc would be immensely difficult if not sent at same time ... it's logistical hell... there is no more innovation

No. 1421 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Complete depletion of world's metal reserves is possible, yes. There are theories I have looked into such as pole/magnetic field destabilization of few hours that results in ice caps going to equator and melting, thereby resetting the Earth's topography every 6,500 to 13,000 years or so. Antarctic Ice Base existed for a reason.

Ion Engine is an option for traveling very fast in a complete vacuum, but cannot stop easily and cannot be steered with any existing designs. Runs the risk of colliding at high speed with space debris. The physics are simple.

I think space travel ought to be bottom on the list of priorities right now, the first being the formation of an Aryan ruling warrior class, then ethnically cleansing almost all subhumans and establishing eternal world dominion of Europe.

Solar system empire is possible, but we would have to be Ubermenschen by then I think.

No. 1422 by owainm
ima be real with you breh, you should learn more about current technological limitations on space travel. in a senntence: its not technology limiting us, but policy. a lot of what you said is incorrect and i'm not arse to line-edit every single point. will suggest you play KSP and look up things at your own pace, i.e. basic orbital mechanics, physics n limitations; how rockets propel themselves n how they work in vacuum. I will also provide good pasta image from space elevator poaster last decade on the yon chins

to ur questions at end: you're misunderstood. rockets work in space, have forever, liquid oxygen substitutes atmospheric oxygen.

No. 1427 by YoungViceroy88
Read the imgur thing... Very based and interesting.
So one could view space and its possibilities similar to New World discovery and colonization? I am sure you had people telling King Ferdinand of Spain that he needs to spend money to fight Turks and Muslims instead of sending money and men to New World. Similar to how people complain investment in Space is not worthwhile and we need to fix problems here. 1400s-1600s was a really bad time for Europe. Turks had managed to push into Vienna and remnants of Golden Horde and other Mongol Steppe peoples were pushing in from east and South came Barbary pirates and Turks too. When surrounded by such enemies on all sides, our only hope was to go West into Americas. Perhaps an aware govt of our people will do this.
And sorry for all the shit I said thats wrong. I am only recently learning about space. I had been told by my science teachers in the American education system that liquid oxygen was used only because it is more energy efficient and explosive enough for rocketry. Never occured to me that it was used also as a means to propel in space where Oxygen is not available. But my question is still this, how do they ignite the fuel in space? Is their a smaller vacuum on the spacecraft in a chamber which then ignites the engine and has a one way outward blast tube or something? Again, I am not an engineer at all and have only become interested in these mechanical things quite recently. I apologize if my questions or ideas are wrong. I dont know much about space, engineering, rocketry, etc. Do want to learn though.

And I had KSP a while ago. Will get into playing it again. Hear a second one is coming out in the near future.

No. 1429 by owainm
Rip lost big text on mobile refresh... I will say I am autistic and sorry if came off as ass previous post again.... What little technical knowledge O know of space flight came from ideos like and googling, wikipediaing various things as they came to mind while playing these games. Schools, and especially non-english schools are presumably worse than nothing by creating a foundation of lies rather than simply not teaching at all.
Related to your question - youtube man will provide details but it's worth noting that ignition has historically been one of the biggest failure points of rockets, especially for second stages which ignite in upper atmosphere, closer to vacuumz.

Might be rambling but I like to emphasize point space elevator anon makes that we've had the technology to colonize the solar system for coming on 50 years now, and the only reason we haven't is it's not as sellable as mo muney fo dem programs, and boomers' social security and medicare. Really treacherous, and imo one of the most enraging moments of my childhood was the realization that the torch was extinguished - let alone passed on from the Apollo program. Regardless of whether hueman went to noon or not, it is a tragedy the national ambition to enter space 4 ever didn't make it out of that century.

No. 1430 by owainm
Maybe not best time to reply b4 bed on mobile and doped on hormonns but I want contribute to thread this very important to be both topic at hand and chadnet POSTERITY

No. 1436 by painauchocolat
Hello fren

This is an interesting topic and I would like to share some of my unenlightened thoughts on it.

Firstly, like owainm pointed out, I think you confused jet engines which planes use with rocket engines which spacecraft use in your initial post, jet engines contain a combustible fuel like kerosene (jet fuel) and mix it with the air in our atmosphere which contains oxygen to create heat, flame and then push the hot air at high speeds pushing the plane. Rocket engines however, contain a combustible fuel (like liquid hydrogen) but then mixes it with an oxidiser (like liquid oxygen) in the exhaust which creates an extremely powerful flame and expands the resulting gases without needing to rely on the atmosphere which allows it to move super fast and get into space, it can also move while in space provided it still has fuel and oxidiser. Planes don't use rocket engines because they don't need to go to space, plus jet engines can go further on earth since it can carry fuel in place of the oxidiser, making it more energy dense.

Another thing pointed out in this thread by other users is the fact we could probably colonise the solar system with current rocket technology of course if it weren't for niggers, shit governments which hate us, jews n shiet. Imagine a black woman piloting a rocket to mars, now that's a one way trip.

If you mean interstellar travel, or sci fi super fast space travel however...

Talking about alternate non rocket propulsion, there are ion engines yes which could go well if a nuclear reactor powers them but the thrust is very weak. Another option I think is somewhat viable is a solar sail, basically a sail of light. We could then surround the sun with some mirrors to power a giant laser to shoot the sail pushing it forward, and achieve high speeds closer to celerity (speed of light). A nicer option would be if some smart autistic genius invented a warp drive of sorts.

Cucked by 2K limit, will expand ideas if thread lives.

No. 1437 by Coldpillows98
Yes space is a must. I wonder what we could do if we used a full technological advantage. Like using CRISPR we could have 8-foot tall giga chad 200iq chiseled jaw mathematicians. They could probably hold down a colonial settlement with just 7 dudes. An Aryan superstate that prioritizes health and uses its technological advantage to build fortresses in the 3rd world. Let the Bantus be themselves, it’s fun to play native once in a while like Alexander in Bactria. The thing I worry though is that the ‘last men’ in charge of this tech will take us from bug man to slug man. Fat bastards with neuron chips proclaiming themselves ‘Uber-mensch’. Also, 200iq brain could discover new ways of space travel and many new technologies come as a byproduct when seeking great heights.

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