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No. 1411 by Zabatendorf
Steroids for retards
Wot performance enhancing drugs should i take?
Give me a retard proof rundown of what one should do

No. 1412 by DeportedFromLatvia
Zab, we need you fat for Christmas, remember MILFs need gifts too

No. 1413 by g-gundam
I would go ask at .

No. 1414 by William Cecil Clayton
Sleep. If you aren’t sleeping enough it will be equivalent to low and mid performance enhancers. After that low doses of test. If you are trying to do some serious gear you will need to do a lot research.

No. 1415 by owainm
Sleep isn't injectable steron mang
>>1411 Zab U are old man yes? Good possibility you can be prescribed TRT - would suggest going to your PCP first, if they don't budge then to sport / mens health clinic. Very likely u can have insurance pay for it + bloodwork, which is definitely the way to go. For general purpose, quality of life, testosterone alone should be all you need.

No. 1423 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Before destroying your health with steroids, eat raw beef, dairy, seafood, honey. Learn from Aajonus Vonderplanitz and Gatis / sv3rige who preaches him.

Videos 1 - 4

Videos 5 - 8

Videos 9 - 12

Videos 13 - 16

No. 1424 by owainm
plz don't link google drive links, that is an awfully easy way to expose your identity to others online. also not steroids, plz topic

No. 1425 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
It's not my Drive link, good sir. I recommend you check out everything I posted, for your health. I'll write a post on it sometime....

I agree steroids is not good topic

No. 1445 by lusotropicalismo
I'm in the market for the other type of retard steroid, the ones that aggressively lower my IQ and make it socially acceptable to grope wimmin. anyone have experience with this? @DeportedFromLatvia?

No. 1449 by DeportedFromLatvia
Nigger I do not take steroids, however you can always lower your IQ by being around women too much.
That said, fren of mine has very good results with Test, Deca and clenbuterol, dude is a real life gorilla

No. 1455 by john
raw egg nationalist talked about drinking 36 eggs a day which in theory should be as close to steroids as can be if not the same but look into it more if ur serious, it's very autistic but very very cool

No. 1467 by DeportedFromLatvia
It's not even close. It might spike your test to 700, but will never score 4000~6000 like injecting testosterone.
Raw eggs increase your life quality because it's very healthy and has lot of cholesterol.
But nigga there's nothing that compares to steroids naturally, least bad thing is some SARMs, and still it's not close.

Testosterone and testosterone receptors will work better with healthy food, good sleep and cold showers, eventually making you much stronger, but far from steroid results.

No. 1468 by john
i see, thanks macaco

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