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No. 1400 by William Cecil Clayton
For the past three weeks I have been very melancholy. It’s a very interesting sensation. My sex drive has not dropped so I don’t think it is from a low-T issue. My sleep is fine. I am not depressed, but nothing is satiating. I subtly enjoy reading Thucydides and some other things, but no feelings. I feel I don’t have any words for anyone. I feel very confident still. I am not exhausted, but I am not energetic. I don’t feel anxious or nervous. I don’t feel angry or frustrated. I don’t feel motivated or lethargic. I don’t want to die, but I wouldn’t be particularly distraught to find out my death was imminent. I feel completely steady and stable. I feel balanced and slow to respond to stimulus even though I feel like I am in some sort of limbo and my reflexes aren’t retarded.

I don’t know what the physiological reason for this could be. I am embarrassed to talk about my emotions like this, it feels like I am masterbating in public. It’s a beautiful and boring feeling. Completely passionless and uninteresting. Is ZOG brainwashing me? Is this Havana syndrome? Did they aerosol vaccinate me? Is succubus feeding on me at night?

Does anyone else feel like this?

No. 1401 by owainm
Doctor oven prescribes: u go to park.... find woman... prostitute not it doesn't matter... u abduct or pay her to kick you repeatedly in liver, u won't be hurt by this but will pique curiosity, make u think "wat does it actually feel like to be hurt?" at which point u go to sparring gym and get liver kicked by weakest BAS RUTTEN respecter... this will end melanchole.

alternatively, u send me location and I attempt to run you over (no homo) on motornbike and u must jump over with 10kph running start

magnesium threonate, som beef brain might help u. u keep posted tell me how u feel

No. 1402 by DeportedFromLatvia
Been through same thing long time ago. A week of going to beach all day cured it, prob vitamin D and salt on low levels, idk.
But also it may not be anything related to nutrition, life just might be too still for you, getting drunk won't help.
I would, in your place, climb a mountain or shoot a very loud gun in a range. Feeling adrenaline in blood helps me get back in tracks.

No. 1403 by William Cecil Clayton
Thank you. I have been throwing rocks at homeless people and threatening them with fire. It helped a little.

No. 1404 by William Cecil Clayton
This is possible. I have lived a fairly adrenaline rich life so far, so I don’t what to do to top it. I think maybe seducing a rich married woman to seduce a la Bel Ami may be what is needed for that sort of stimulus, but where to find one? Tennis seems appropriate. Costco perhaps.

No. 1405 by William Cecil Clayton
I have a decently adrenaline rich life up to this point, that’s the concerning part few thing scare me now. Maybe I need to seduce an older woman Bel Ami style. Maybe I should act on this cold bloodedness.

No. 1408 by john
yes my fren this sometimes happen to me too but is normal,temporary

No. 1426 by Sancho Panza
Coming of the first signs of autumn (rn) is usually one of the most melancholy times of the year for me.

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