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No. 1388 by WagnerEnthusiast
Where find h1tl0r speech
hello anons, i was wondering where i could find recorded heetloor speeches in full, presumably in a playlist or compilation... any halp is welcome

No. 1390 by g-gundam
>>1388 + 100 =
Full speeches are hard to find, but there was a guy who went by THELINDGRENN who liked to upload portions of his speeches with English subtitles. He was banned from YouTube ages ago, but much of his content can still be found on

No. 1399 by john
might add to Chadnet some time this would be funny they would chinp

No. 1440 by g-gundam
I found a German book with transcriptions of a lot of his speeches.


No. 1444 by lusotropicalismo
all hitlor speeches are tidily organized on the following webpage:

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