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No. 1365 by DeportedFromLatvia
It's on. October elections will decide everything. If Bolsonaro wins (almost certain), it's gonna be some crazy economic boom years. Brazil already experienced deflation 2 months in a row, with confirmed investments of 890 billion BRL (over 10yrs, 89B/y). The goal of his economic team is freest market as possible and development of national industries and tech, that has got the attention of many big dudes. (Search about niobium batteries and ethanol-hydrogen engines)
Despite all that stuff and good prospectives, it's woke-free. No LGBT and race bullshit. Feels really light to live on a place that isn't always tense on woke topics, just not worried to be "cancelled".
You niggas should be aware, Brazil is running fast nigga. The first world is comitting suicide, meanwhile we ball

No. 1366 by YoungViceroy88
How is Human capital of Brazil? I know its still atleast 40% White right? Are the Pardos used by the govt as bioterrorism against the White Middle and Upper classes holding them together? I know many good people who want to go to Brazil, I have had thoughts myself. It seems that the Pardos and Indios are contained in the North or in specific zones around the Favela. I am just worried that if marxoid race-communism spreads to Brazil it could be bad. BAP talks about how they are eating the Seed oils and getting fat, so ZOG "decolonization" shit could be also on the way. You would be surprised how far this stuff reaches. I knew a Russian girl from Khazakstan who tell me during the chimpout there about a year ago now I think, that Khazaks on social media were calling Russians colonizers and where attacking Russian Businesses, Neighborhoods, and people. Khazakstan was 80% Russian within living memory mind you. All the major cities were entirely russian until the mid 90s. What I am asking is their a chance of chimpout during or after Bolsonaro Victory? Can Brazil contain the Coon?

No. 1373 by john
i hope bolsonaro win i send power

No. 1377 by DeportedFromLatvia
Very divided between country parts, Brazil is huge. The south is the whitest part of the country, while the north and northeast are prob the blackest.
Yet this raceplay shit doesn't really stick, marxoids will try to scream and affirm it, but Brazil has very little racism and apart from socioeconomic reasons, different races and mixed can coexist easily. The real play is Marxists and faggots against normal people tbh, foreign interests spend so much money on that movements it's unreal.
But on this decade we'll see a real powerful Brazil against a crisis-ridden old west powers.

No. 1378 by DeportedFromLatvia
Thank you juninho

No. 1446 by lusotropicalismo

>>> always has been

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