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No. 1356 by g-gundam
Caribbean Rhythms with BAP - Episode 116 - Mulholland Drive

>My appreciation of David Lynch best movie on movies and maybe on America, Mulholland Drive; some views on postmodernism vs Surrealism and art and many other things.



No. 1362 by YoungViceroy88
I watched Mulholland Drive and wouldnt say I enjoyed it, but "felt" something opposite as to the BPD arthoe when describing paintings. It made me feel nostalgic for the American feel of the whole set. But mostly I felt lost and delirious, not like I couldnt follow what was happening, but that it felt like a fever dream. Came away with similar feeling after watching movie like "Big Lebowski", I feel somewhat uncomfortable and not violated but odd. Like I had just admitted to my dad that I do something weird like dip my finger in toilet water and suck it off because I like how it tastes, not that I have done this. Also I like Dark Haired woman being naked. She had big booby and was pretty.

No. 1370 by john
Good episode

No. 1371 by john

No. 1382 by Zabatendorf
I like how in discussion of the bpd arthoes reasons for liking art being of mearly social consideration BAP then ties this into a comparison of SNL vs Larry David. This is interesting because despite being just as much of a lefty as anyone in hollyweird, Larry understands the primary goal of comedy show is to be funny. The guy who plays george from seinfeld (whos some faggy actor like im an ACTOR) in like a behind the scene interview was complaining about how the script for an episode didnt make sense and fit into the sitcom format because there was an unresolved story line. Larry just said who cares it's funny. If you look at seinfeld episode marine biologist you can see this. Doesnt resolve subplots yet is hilarious. This contrast with the SNL fags geroge actor and BPD arthoe who view art as political statements first and foremost rather than art in and of itself for arts sake. Theyre nothing more than the art critic who believes the format of their critique is superior to the art in question.

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