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No. 1333 by Zabatendorf
Unsung outlaws of history
What are some of yall niggers favorite historical figures that are often glossed over?

I'll start off with an American classic of Aaron Burr.

Burr is generally considered the most controversial of America's founding fathers by fagcell achedemics who wish the found fathers were monkeypox spready puertorican rappers, but in reality was really fucking based.

Burr started out his young life by banging some other dude's wife and stealing his property. He fought in the revolution, then got into business and politik. After he did a lil colonization knocking up some slave he ran for higher office than just state of NY. I wont bore with the details of how presidential elections worked back then but it ended up Thomas Jeffersob winning the presidency and Burr became vice president.
90% of the time back the VP was a bs no responsibilty job that pulled the second highest salary. Anyway while chilling in his noshow job thos faggot banker hamilton starts insulting him in the papers. Well this agression will not stand. Burr demands hamilton recant or face him in a duel. Hamilton like the fag he was wrote in his diary the night b4 how he intended to just fire into the air. Well the next day fhe two of them croooooss state lines like kyle rittenhouse to new jersey then when the duel starts Burr imediately kills Hamilton (while he is the still active vice president). Warrents went out for his arrest for murder in New Jersey maybe new york too i forget. So what does our boy do? He just goes back to DC lives in VP mansion and just sits in on senate votes for the remainder of his term while everyone knew he killed hamilton. What makss this act even more based is he never once showed any remose for killing that faggot banker. In fact in his diary the days after the duel Burr was completely irate that the press was sad about hamiltons death. On his last day as VP he deliver speech that brings senate to tears. Afterward he does more cool shit but thats enough story for no

No. 1348 by john
This is good

No. 1349 by Zabatendorf
Burr's story geta crazier. After he is no longer vice president, he starts raising a private army to invade mexico where he would establish himself as king. He was betrayed however and then put on trial for treason. Jefferson who had it in for Burr even when he was his VP spared no expense to get a conviction. Handed out pardens like tic tacs. With the entire government stacked against him Burr still fucking beats the trial and walks.

No. 1353 by john
Yes this is very nice, I didnt know about Burr anything more than that one lib alexander hamilton song where the niggers sing back in like 2016. This is v good man mr BURR.... sad they stop his efforts to invade mexico ...

No. 1355 by Zabatendorf
Yes you must look at who "they" revere.
Hamilton (brought the international bankers in control of US)
Vs who they scorn
Andrew Jackson

No. 1363 by YoungViceroy88
Why does Federal GOVT constantly shit on White Anglo efforts to take anything in Carribean? Annexation of Texas and Mexican American war felt like it was driven by efforts of indiviidual enterprising Anglo conquerers which managed to wrassle Fed govt into doing something good for once. Maybe it only allowed this because Polk was president. Seems like America wanted to engage in Canadian territory more than Carribean. Understandable as Canada has a colder climate suitable for Northern Euros and similar population, but after 1812 they shouldve tried to consolidate something after they lost.

No. 1374 by Zabatendorf
Redpill me on Polk

No. 1375 by YoungViceroy88
He was ultra expansionist American. Wanted more of mexico in the treaty of Guadeloupe and was pissed when they refused the borders he propsed. Wanted to incorporate Carribean, Canada, Mexico, and parts of Central America. Like the Golden Circle idea. He was also mega racepilled and wasp pilled so he protected the American people as best he could. Wanted to genocide or enslave mexicans. Couldve had a Wasp paradise from Alaska to Antigua

No. 1376 by YoungViceroy88

This is what he wanted. He integrated Texas and much of the west. Polk, Jefferson, Jackson, McKinley, all some of the best presidents. No surprise they also expanded the country as much as apossible too.

No. 1380 by Zabatendorf
His physiognomy checks out. The gulf of mexico should have been to america what the mediterainian was to the romans. Owned space

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