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No. 1329 by g-gundam
Caribbean Rhythms with BAP - Episode 115 - Intermarium

>New light variety show on Pelosi, Feinstein, Chyna corruption of American politicians, East Europe "geopolitics," and many asides that please me!



No. 1330 by john
this was good episode i enjoyed he made v good point about the 'intermarium' idea too

No. 1331 by g-gundam
He mentioned his next book early in the episode, but he seemed hesitant. He wanted to write a novel, but he felt that the medium of the novel doesn't fit the current era. No one is waiting for the next great novel anymore. I wonder if he'll go through with it.

No. 1332 by john
yes i hope he does but i understand wat loki say about why not to .... is tough choice bcz could b attacked but does that really matter in end

No. 1336 by owainm
I hope BAP doest not kneecap himself in writing, if too embarrased to write NOVEL I hope he use 2ND LEVEL psudeonym for publishing, mayeb RT on his twitter/telegram for plausible deniability

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