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No. 1320 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Incomparable Blonde in Charlottesville
The following is a post I made on Prussian Society of America's blog

I wish to share a brief report of a singular experience I had today that gave me hope.

While driving home this evening through downtown Charlottesville near the University campus, I was stopped at a light waiting to turn right. For a period of 10 seconds, I glimpsed 25-30' away a young blonde lady of college age - about 5'10" - whose skull, face, and body but ESPECIALLY her nose betrayed flawless German genetics. She was dressed modestly and was well proportioned, not overlarge (even her breasts were normal sized and her entire body was in proportion, indicating proper diet). As the light turned green and I softly started my engine, she glanced my way, moving her head gracefully and intelligently to meet my eyes for about 3-4 seconds. By then I was already in the latter half of the turn and she had disappeared from view. Her eyes were breathtaking, calm, intelligent, and curious, and she was in complete composure - her eyes reminded me of my own. Her entire bearing was feminine in a demure yet strong, semi-mature way (appropriate for her age); not afraid, but calm and even a bit "brave"/curious/natural/innocent but not naive. I am certain of what I saw.
She was walking back from the metro station that runs to Dulles Airport, and in the direction of the slightly more expensive student housing and may have been from out of town/state or maybe even foreign.

In all of my 23 years of growing up in Virginia, I have never seen such a truly beautiful and natural/aristocratic female of kindred/chaste/decent spirit. I would not be surprised if she was already spoken for. I seriously considered stopping the car and going to approach her - unprecedented for me; a violation of my

No. 1321 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
principles for interacting with women. I am by no means "desperate" for female attention; in fact I am admired aloud often, unsolicited. This was a truly rare sight.

I am severely grateful for your writing, Prussian Sir. I understand if you wish to take this post down.
I am in agreement with the contents of this post and the entire blog - this woman stood in stark contrast to anything I have ever seen.

I vow to approach the next such woman I see, if only to interact with someone so unlike the subhuman automaton hordes. I sense this was a lost opportunity for interaction. Her face and soul were incomparable, like nothing I have ever seen before.

Let this be a lesson!

No. 1322 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Such women are exceedingly rare, from my modest life experience...

No. 1337 by owainm
bread teme
i say this to you: redirect fanatic erengeys to creative act, make something out of obsessions even as passing as this one. idunno maybe you make mission to find this womon and confronte

No. 1338 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I like, yes. Fatal Hesitation
Am already making great use of sexual vigorous energies for high level classical piano and bodybuilding… Not an obsession, was truly impressed to see genuine natural Aryan womonz with pure spirit intact. Never seen such before, in fact. I do not pursue or hunt/seek after womonz as rule. But this scenario taught me to seize the moment next time such quality woman locks eyes with me.
Perhaps I post physique on many posters, tell “Incomparable blonde aristocratic womonz to send photo of face”. This is option.
In truth I am not searching for mate now; need to reach my final form before engaging with female

In posting I wanted to memorialize the moment for myself.
Good to be creative, ja


No. 1339 by lusotropicalismo
she was probably from north carolina

No. 1340 by john
you must stalk like catt in trees, find woman

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