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No. 1310 by g-gundam
Caribbean Rhythms with BAP - Episode 114 - William Wheelright

>I talk with gentleman farmer and traditionalist Jeffersonian radical William Wheelright about many thing: the crisis with Dutch farmers in Europe, Sri Lanka, organic and sustainable farming, the food and agriculture problem in America, the traditionalist life, what it means to be a farmer.



No. 1311 by g-gundam
William Wheelright can be found here:

I haven't listened to it yet, but he said that he and BAP discussed his essay on a vision for the future of American agriculture.
>"A healthy agricultural system is rooted in nature but blossoms in culture: it produces healthy food to feed a healthy people, which populates a healthy nation. Agriculture precedes culture because it fuels people."

No. 1323 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Iā€™m only 50ā€™ into the transmission, but this is definitely one of my favorite ever; up there with Nietzsche, aesthetic eugenics, and Classical Greek Men of Power & Timoleon

Very informative. I think pastoralism and eating raw beef, milk and eggs is vital for the future of Aryans worldwide.

No. 1324 by owainm
I appreciate William's unadulterated optimism through action, and not just his vision for an American future, but how that vision overwhelmed my imagination for such a period. I don't use words like this often - he is very inspiring.

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