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No. 1306 by DeportedFromLatvia
Best tactics to evade bans on twitter
Pls I need some tips on this, got banned on 2 accounts at the same time. They got me. Now I need to evade this fucking IP ban without giving fucking phone number to these faggots. I need to be unstoppable, i gotta say words that are racially offensive on libtard social media, make homosexuals kill themselves. FUCK LATVIA HELP ME

No. 1307 by john
Don't use the same device and IP, those are the primary tracking vectors. After making a new account, DON'T FOLLOW similar people as you did previously, at least for some time. This should be enough.

No. 1428 by g-gundam
I've seen people preemptively change their @ by going to Settings > Account Information > Username .
A person who hasn't yet been banned who does this is:
He's also been @SchwabRH, @SchwabRealHuman, and who knows what else.
I used to try to follow him with nitter's RSS feeds, but his frequent @ changing made it difficult.
This URL will cease to work someday.

No. 1443 by lusotropicalismo
in my experience, the best way to go about this is make a burner gmail acct, and then register for twitter using "Login via Google," not using standard twitter registration page. Never asks me for phone # after

No. 1486 by g-gundam
>Came off private. I urge everyone to go private a week before the midterms and after though. I will be doing this.

No. 1499 by john
and now .... he is ban ...

No. 1508 by g-gundam
Tactical Error.
Many such cases.
It's a losing game when the enemy controls the battlefield.

No. 1552 by CastizoCapitan
I use tweetdelete to purge my TL periodically. I don't have a set schedule but it's about quarterly if not monthly. It has worked well for me thus far as my account is a a year and change old and I poast whatever the hell I want.

No. 1580 by g-gundam
If you need (yet another) phone number for SMS verification, this might be helpful. It's not free, but it's very cheap and you can pay with crypto.

No. 1586 by owainm
Some points I learned from latest respawn (and help from legal consul)

- names (yes even nickname) will be used to catch evaders
- googol voice limits you to 2 numbers, but u can make new googol account w/ same source number to keep goin
- despite my assumptions, it doesn't seem like they use hardware/app id, or ip addresses. not sure about phone numbers. regardless, still a good precaution to take when making new acc - to use fresh email, phone number etc.. app is the only thing not as easy to wipe
- you're probably going to get a 12hr with no reason listed on new acc, especially if you follow too quickly. i suspecte this is in lieu of what was formerly a shadow ban... elon gets rid of shadow ban but now means u actually get temp ban.

summarized, here are steps u shoud take making new account:
burner email ( works well), fresh google voice or burner numbre, do NOTTE use any part of old name, must be completely unrelated, do NUT make "help me find frends" post, at least immediately after creation, and do not follow accounts rapid fire. start off with tweets, mentions and dms, and later begin to slowly follow again.

maybe good idea would be to ask friend to make the "help find" post on ur behalf - qt you and just say "follow friend plz"

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