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No. 1285 by Sancho Panza
Interdimensional Demons Invade Ur Dreams
Has anyone ever had dreams where supernatural entities attacked, warned, communicated or otherwise interacted with u? I recently had a dream where I found myself in the lobby of a church. I was grabbed on both sides by two invisible forces which were demons and escorted through the lobby into the sanctuary. I couldn't see them but I could feel their presence, and they communicated with me wordlessly by implanting thoughts or commands in my mind but didn't speak. I was brought into the sanctuary. It was dimly lit, with pews, windows and a pulpit but looked forlorn and was devoid of decoration. I was levitated and Satan stood levitating above the pulpit in front of me, a tall, wispy and amorphous pillar of black smoke that had only a vaguely humanoid form and no face. He didn't speak but invaded my mind and commanded me to denounce God, but I instantaneously and involuntarily refused his advance. Frustrated, he then commanded his demons to physically cast me out of the "church" and I woke up.
Supernatural psychic entities have ever attaqed any of u like this before? Wat means?

No. 1286 by john
wtf, wat u mean by 'involuntarily refused his advance'? God do this or some higher power? i havent been attaqed by demons in dreams, but I have had some maybe divine dreams or seen future. you should prepare. this is sign.... prepare .....

No. 1287 by john
pls b careful

No. 1290 by trevor
Never ever had this. When I was in elementary school, we had an assignment to make a dream catcher (maybe it was for thanksgiving or early American history idk) and I've ceased to have nightmares ever since I put it up. Of course I have really weird dreams sometimes but never anything that genuinely spooks me really bad. Whereas before the dream catcher, i would occasionally have really bad dreams.

No. 1291 by Sancho Panza
He scanned my thoughts and soul and concluded that I would not deny God. He could enter my head but only go so far. I was under divine protection and he could not get all the way through to me so he ordered me thrown out.

No. 1292 by john
i c....... powerfuk.... very interesting

No. 1295 by DeportedFromLatvia
I have long experience with demons in my dreams, got used to it. Some say wise things, some jump on me. It takes a stone cold approach to start understanding sleep paralysis and astral projections.

No. 1300 by Sancho Panza
A demon has literally jumped on you in a dream? This happened to as well -- me in a separate dream wherein I was walking through a dark room and was attacked from behind by a shadowy humanoid figure. It chased me down and jump=tackled me to the ground and I woke up paralyzed, but convulsing violently with what felt like a weight on top of my body. It went on for about 15-30 seconds and stopped when I began praying for it to stop.

No. 1318 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I met a native Hawaiian/British lad in my travels this past month. He told me several supernatural stories, like doors being forced open before his eyes, repeatedly. He told me that he watched two shadowy human-shaped demons with long-ish fingers hold their hands over his friend at night for like 5 minutes. Then a third one joined them and his friend began to writhe in his sleep, so he shone a flashlight at them and yelled, and they instantly disappeared along with his friend's pain. He tried to wake his friend up, beating and yelling at him, but the guy was out cold until next morning, didn't remember a thing.

And the bush pilot I rode with a week ago showed my friend in the copilot seat a close-up picture he had taken of a UFO - one of many such experiences, apparently. The guy was a sober Northern European type who I don't believe had any ulterior motives.

No. 1335 by Zabatendorf
Yes I had a dream where there was a room that was a porthole to hell. As part of some training we had to go into the room for at least 3 minutes. The room was nothibg but a simple normal smol bedroom, but the demons came and attacked. Similiar to how you said couldnt see then, but their wispers and things invaded mind and tourtured my mind. Hit me on every subconcious level and broke me down, couldnt barely move. Eventually I crawled to the door and as soon as I opened and got out the attack was gone.

No. 1554 by Scallion
Yes I've had dreams like that,religious themed and some just feel like "attacks". People / social media recycles thoughts and replaces memories. I believe all forms of dreaming are antidotes to what is essentially "brainwashing" from many different sources.

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