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No. 1282 by g-gundam
Caribbean Rhythms with BAP - Episode 112 - Samuel Huntington Dorks

>This rather long show maybe you listen more than one sitting; is on the so-called "civilizational state" discussed now by Aris Roussinos and other commentators, following Samuel Huntington, who believe that regional civilizational-states, or empire-states based roughly on world's old cultural spheres are forming new organization mankind and challenge to Western universalism. I disagree with this! And talk about civilization breakdown, the inability of large states to sustain themselves, the future barbarism!



No. 1283 by john
i will listen soon

No. 1284 by g-gundam
The musical break at 25:48 has a nice groove to it especially when the melody gets going from 27:32 onward. Anyone know what it is?

No. 1288 by john
i couldnt find sry

No. 1289 by john
i like this

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