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No. 1270 by g-gundam
Who would you like BAP to interview?
Is there anyone you would like to join BAP on his show and have a conversation?

For me, I would love to see how a conversation between BAP and John Danaher would go.
Perhaps it's not politically feasible in the sense that people would try to cancel Danaher for talking to BAP, but I think the conversation would go well and would maybe show us a side of both Danaher and BAP that we haven't seen yet.

Are there any other interesting people BAP could talk to?

No. 1271 by owainm
cody wilson (pbuh), man of power. i dont think any other living unincarcerated man has hurt globohomo as much as him in our generation

No. 1273 by john
ray peat cryptid

No. 1276 by g-gundam
>cody wilson (pbuh), man of power

He has a good resumé.
- 2012, Defense Distributed, 3D printable gun.
- 2013, Dark Wallet (bitcoin wallet with anonymizing features)
- 2017, Hatreon (alternative version of Patreon)
He actually tries to get tangible things done, and seems to let his work do the talking for him. This guy doesn't have to worry about being cancelled either, so it could plausibly happen if the stars aligned just right.

No. 1277 by g-gundam
>ray peat cryptid

Why are you calling Ray Peat a cryptid? Is he that elusive?

No. 1278 by john
he copulated with one in mexico

No. 1279 by g-gundam
Was she hot?
Also when I started searching for "ray peat mexican ...", it autocompleted "ray peat mexican coke".

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