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No. 1265 by john
frens i would like to inform about this very simple way to use le secure communications basically anywhere. there is tool: pgp (pretty good privacy) which is utilized by gpg (gnu privacy guard) to encrypt any message: file, text, image, etc., but mostly used to encrypt email.
is very simple system: you have private key and public key. you give others you public key, they use it to ENCRYPT your message with YOUR key, so only YOU can decrypt with YOUR private key!
all u need for this is to get your frens public key, encrypt and send. on linux this is usually pre-installed program i think, but on windows you mus install "gpg4win" (gpg for windows) program. very simple, just watch youtube tutorial.
but i say this because this is very simple way to get secure comms anywhere: in twatter message, e-mail (where it's mostly used), or on any communicationz platform.
never give ur private key to anyone tho, bcz then... well lol rip, but you can just usually set it to expire after X days, or months (dont use infinite time pls).

No. 1266 by john
there are pepo online who say "but this have exploit it not safe!!!" this not true, only times when this is exploited, is when you encrypt message thru 3rd party software like inside email, and not originally thru designated program. as in these 3rd parties they sometimes retarded, etc etc etc

No. 1267 by g-gundam
I have my emacs configured such that files with names that end in ".gpg" are automagically encrypted and decrypted for me. I mostly use it for protecting my private info, but I rarely use it for private personal communications. When it comes to command line usage, I do it so infrequently that I have to look it up every time I want to do something.

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