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No. 1226 by Coldpillows98
Great Post by Paulos: How to Found a Great House

Maybe if there's someone out there that's truly crypto-rich a BAPist Mafia could work. All you would need is a strict recruitment process of FIZEEK posts

No. 1228 by William Cecil Clayton
I think this is good idea. Not perfect idea though. Loyalty and duty are the glue that binds the thing together. The man who does this would have to be a respectable man. Handsome good physiognomy. Brave he would need to treat himself as a true king. These traits are hard to find. It is a shortcut that goes around the biology of what makes a monarch (like what BAP talks about in his article). Legitimacy through capital is not real legitimacy, but it is the best we have. I think what Paulos lays out is not best case scenario, but case with what we have rn.

I think his article highlights why society will collapse before legitimate traditions and legitimate rulers will rise. If society collapses around this solid framework. Then the great house would become the heir to power. Like the Catholic Church and the fall of Rome.

No. 1229 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I was going to say that while I wish any potential crypto-billionaires the best of luck with such an endeavor, as they are on the same team, any group where the men relate to each other via money (or are "incentivized" to interact at any stage) as opposed to voluntary loyalty and religious devotion unto death is slavish in nature. Maybe such a framework would be good as a start/to lure 'clients' in. To me, it reeks of materialism and sounds like a proposal from a mechanistic/nerdy accountant. Not Hyperborean. Also raising children is not expensive unless you're a decadent consumer and can't produce food for yourself. If you are a pastoralist children are an asset.

Creating blueprints for small elite tribes are exactly what we need to be doing right now. Intellectualization ought to result in constructive action.

This guy fails to realize that the USD will continue to be severely devalued and turned into a cryptocurrency, which is the end of any illusions of privacy or freedom. Cities will become Smart City gulags policed by killer robots with facial recognition technology (that's the plan, at least).

For those of us in America, we need to be focusing on becoming self-sufficient/food producing off-grid types - using money to create in-house means of production/parallel economy for metal tools, weapons and essential goods (long term).

I think networking and financing for us young men are two major things we need to address/do better on.

There is also no centralized leadership or means of secure/non-public communication, and no "nodes" of power-bases to coordinate between. We really need to start coalescing, meeting and living together in real life, even if it's just 1 guy at a time.

Free Human Sovereign/Slave Dichotomy:

No. 1230 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I applaud the brainstorming efforts though; we need more serious thought and action - non-violent - to build a foundation for power and defense.

No. 1231 by Coldpillows98
In terms of the technological monopoly on robots and drones, I think we can counter it with motorbikes and javelins, we'll be like neo-scythian horse archers. I bet even a DEW could be made from scratch with engineers that have the right Will, ingenuity, and foresight. Maybe even full body chrome suits for protection against their laser attacks.

But I think big problem in terms of loyalty long term. There needs to be some tradition that keeps everyone is 'check'. If we adopt for example Nietzsche or Zarathustra as our prophet, what r our customs?

For now I will only focus on friend/family group and look for a noble path.

No. 1235 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Rather than criticize this proposal and talk about purity, how about we just see such crypto-millionaires start grassfed beef/goat/chicken farms and employ young and poor frogs/RWBBs? "Build it and they shall come", true aristocratic mindset.

No strings attached, no client/patron loyalty BS, just start immediately collecting young men and help them out. Even ensure those closest to you have raw animal food/shelter. No need to over-intellectualize this.

No. 1240 by William Cecil Clayton
Yes this is true. This is how roam was founded. Young warriors fleeing invasion by foreigners. Regrouped and built a polis. This is what is needed. Own space -> fill space with frends-> expand. This is all we should be focusing on. Deatomization

No. 1241 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
True. Succinct. Without a group of men to embody them, no ideals/culture/institutions/social framework can be realized. First get the raw materials, then build the foundation, then decorate, arm, and imbue with soul.

No. 1242 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Chrome reflects visible light man, but it still absorbs heat from high intensity lasers. The lasers destroy by energizing/heating/melting-vaporizing the matter; if you wanted to defend against it you would need a material with high heat capacity and/or circulation of matter from the point of contact with the laser/heat source (like flowing water taking heat from a nuclear reactor and vaporizing to steam). And the people that make the Javelin-type weapons will be the same people making the drones: the military/industrial complex in America, Israel and Russia. Israel (and maybe Russia - another Judeo-Masonic puppet state) is in the late/final stages of developing a laser defense system (both large and compact/portable) to replace the current missile-missile defenses that can quickly, cheaply (by orders of magnitude) and reliably destroy drones and short-range missiles. Eventually these will be deployed in tandem with or installed on tanks (and soon unmanned tanks) to help make them impervious to missile fire. This makes cities impervious to short-range conventional missiles/jihadi Javelins/bazookas. And modern stealth drones can operate from high altitudes where they are undetectable to ground troops. Since WWII, American wars have been done mostly to keep the engine of innovation running and troops fresh. If they want to take the gloves off and genocidally carpet bomb/wage total war on someone, they won't even need public opinion or the opinion of their soldiers to be on their side, just the people controlling and outfitting the drones/tanks.

Hopefully the intelligent engineers die off and all societies collapse before such a level of sophistication is reached.

No. 1243 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>

And thanks for sharing the article Coldpillows. I apologize if I was too unkind in the other thread. Call me sensitive, but I am traumatized and deeply pained when exposed to the trash nigger noise that is designed to destroy you. The only other instinctive response I've had on such a level is hearing Muslim Imams broadcasting the call to prayer: that is recognized as evil/threat and procs a kill/hackles up response. Exposure to evil spirits is toxic and pollutes/corrupts you. Normal people should have intense disgust reactions to such things, but like pigs in filth they don't seem to notice a problem.

Best of luck.

No. 1244 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Another thing to consider is how to maximize the quality and quantity of the people in your polei/territory.

Quality/physical health would rely upon raw animal products and exercise, as well as competitive reproductive selection that promotes vigor and beauty (eugenic breeding program-competition); also development of skills and cultivation of abilities/capacity for action/virtu (education-competition).

Quantity depends upon the density of nutrients and available energy/calories in the plant matter consumed by the animals, and the quality of the resultant meat/dairy/honey. How many animals can the environment support? If fertile grazing territory and water resources are scarce (the opposite of Scythian-Ukraine region), priority must be given to animal grazing (Joel Salatin invented something called "regenerative agriculture" that involves rotating cows between patches of grass and having chickens follow them and quickly pick apart the cow shit, enabling the grass to quickly replenish itself, eggs to reproduce, and soil to be built up) as opposed to human residential areas or other infrastructure. For example, Israeli milk (besides being pasteurized) is very thin - not nourishing at all; they have robotic milking machines that constantly suck the udders dry - no nutrient density. Contrast this to cows living in lush paradises with mineral-rich soils (this is why Argentine beef is unique).

If the region has access to fresh seafood, that is a huge bonus for the human carrying capacity of your territory.

We can look to our greatest past civilizations for inspiration: Greece, Scythia, Scandinavia, Prussia (even Japan). Each with similar peoples but in different terrains. Brandenburg-Prussia was constantly draining swamps to create arable land, and had in each territory a populous city (Berlin/Konigsberg). Legendary military tradition.

With the benefit of thousands of years of hindsight, we ought to be able to create a plan for a perfect state.

No. 1245 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
A hybrid that combines the greatest virtues of each past civilization.

Roman Virtue, Spartan Virtue, Prussia discipline and military high command genius, technological ability, Greek Virtue of surpassing all men in contest... Such a system must not be dependent upon or become diluted by intercourse with outside civilizations, and internal corruption/middlemen/money-profit/inefficiencies must be eliminated (NSDAP/Sparta style). Must operate in complete unity and sacred warrior devotion, from top to bottom. Even the cows and babies must be vigorous and patriotic. Even the slaves must be contentedly servile, worshipful, and grateful to bask in the presence of such Olympian men. No overproduction of trinkets, no waste products or sickly weak decadent humans. Beauty and strength everywhere. High metabolism and mobility/production interspersed with recuperative and creative leisure.

Like Adolf Hitler said in his Sportpalast Speech
Start with an idea, an ideal. The planning/details, customs, and policies must flow/radiate from that center. Asha Logos has done authoritative work on the ancient and timeless ideals.

One last thing to consider about the opposite of atomization: UNIFICATION/UNION - courtesy of Dr. Edward Dutton AKA The Jolly Heretic (who sadly lately has become a shill controlled operation and interviewing establishment hacks and cryptoJewish Mossad assets):

Geniuses, while autodidactic and self-contained, curious and creative by nature, can amplify/enhance/augment their abilities and best realize their potential when brought together (either physically in reality or via intellectual cross-pollenization using written & historical texts).
We are social beings. Our Phenotypic Maximum - an individual's greatest potential - can only be reached by pushing each other, collaborating and competing. The same is true of athletes - think Olympics or Golden Era Gold's Gym/Vince's Gym.

This is the Solar phenomenon, the miracle of creation, of fusion

No. 1246 by William Cecil Clayton
Again we are thinking the same things. The law doesn’t just keep people from breaking the rules, it creates an ideal. Shoot a bow straight, ride a horse well, and never lie. This shapes a whole society. These aren’t negative commandments (don’t do this, if you do this you will be punished.) They are positive laws. They promote an action not warn against it. Our society’s positive commandment is “be as profitable as possible.” It doesn’t matter what other laws there are if the positive commandment is so fucked up.

No. 1247 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Calling forth and unlocking energies from a different plane, the quantum level. (Credit to The Solar Warrior for this concept). The same properties are present within each man, within each Hierarchy, a King and his warrior/priestly brothers, united by common cause and devotion to the preservation of their Patrimony, the higher calling of Tradition, and of Nietszchean Eternal Return towards Ubermensch.
Self-surpassing, union with the heavens, the source, eternity

Maximizing the industrial capacity (intrinsically linked with war capability, not necessarily decadent consumerism) of the Reich is another topic. Generally, technological sophistication is meant to offset a comparative lack in human sophistication/capabilities, and inevitably is abused/misused, and atrophies human capabilities over time.

A scattering of rough thoughts I had about classifying each civilizational model:

Roman War Machine
Empire: Conquest and subjugation/incorporation. Extract resources, produce technology. Expand by extreme fertility, technical superiority, industrial capabilities, wealth. More collective, universalist culture, many subject peoples.

Greek Crucible
Rival-brother City States: Eugenics-human ennoblement, high intensity/competitive, compact yet supermassive: high quality/potent, disunion/tribalism. Eustress. Build each other up, quickly adapt and experiment/diversify genetic types and political models in the crucible of war. Individualistic and aristocratic culture, tribal but genetically closely related.

Royal Scythian and Tacitus' Germania Solar/Nucleus United Expansionary
Solar Union: Attack and completely replace everyone in your path. Genetic jihad, purity, unity. Radiate outwards. Everyone is genetically identical and aristocratic, free, hypermasculine. Less densely populated. Highly mobile

There are of course common principles in all of the above. Internal pressure/competition and expansion/conquest outwards.

No. 1248 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Yes. Everything is corrupt, we must start fresh with quality, not quantity as highest ideals. In creating something entirely new we must unite the eternal ideals and apply them on the ground. Try to bring our first principles in as close possible union with timeless/Traditional Virile/Vital/Eugenic ideals.

Virility (Masculinity/Testosterone/Creative Source) =/= Vitality (Life, Health)

Start from scratch and do our best to leverage/cannibalize/inherit the American Empire.

No. 1249 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
"What the law does not command, it forbids"
-Ancient view of law

I heard somewhere^^

One truth, infinite lies.

One high road running in one direction: the pursuit of perfection; a chasm to either side.

No. 1250 by William Cecil Clayton
Yes well said. The Germanic/Scythian tribes seems to be the most healthy out of all the models. I guess the main task is having healthy eugenic communities constantly improving every generation till things melt down and we can send out heroic riders to colonize the ruins. I don’t know how long, but new set of legendary champions always rise out of the ashes (King Arthur and his knights, the Greeks at Troy, Hercules and Perseus before them.) We just need to be ready to be them or set our sons up to be them.

No. 1251 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
The real positive commandment is actually: "Kill the best of the gentiles, preach weakness to all peoples that they may be enslaved, their 'false' gods destroyed, and their productive capabilities harnessed to serve the nation of Israel, led by its future omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Tyrannical Messiah - God on Earth"

After the life is squeezed out of a nation, resources depleted, genetics destroyed/denatured, the capitalist economic cycle ran into the ground, all that is left is their intellectual tradition (assuming it has not been erased) and the blueprints for their technological superiority.

The Jews (and their Muslim minions) seek world domination and to turn the world into a desert filled with slaves. They are the Abyssal Void incarnate. A recent development is the Jews' co-opting of Aryan high-technology for enslavement and enhanced internal communication/external brainwashing, surveillance, commerce, and record-keeping. With the creation of the State of Israel and the invention of WMDs, they now have the ability to destroy on a massive scale. Genetic engineering may offer even more unnatural perversions in the future.

No. 1252 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
And we need to ensure that as we coalesce/unify/deatomize we have an eye for quality - high quality raw human material as BAP says - so that we start from a position of advantage. Not that we would reject people, but there will likely be hierarchies/castes in a complex civilization.

No. 1253 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
And such castes need not be super-rigid. Character and enthusiasm/spirit are qualities/immeasurable/immaterial/priceless. Athletic performance is more measurable by agon, contest/competition. Beauty can be both mathematically definable (in general) or more subjective (individual tastes).

Traditional Indo-European 3-tier hierarchy with King/Priests, Warriors, and Food-producers is the general model.

What we might want to avoid is taking people like Michelangelo, Immanuel Kant, or Beethoven and subjecting them to "measurable" warrior agon, or mere labor. What I'm attempting to say is that artistic/inventive/creative/novel intellectual production by special geniuses must be recognized and not strangled in service to eugenic agon. Like Prussia - Sparta in the morning, Athens in the evening.

Part of the reason why Britain has produced so many inventions is because they had a large leisure class of high-IQ wealthy lower nobility (Ed Dutton made a video on the subject).

No. 1254 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
In destroying the gods and graven idols (ideals) of a nation and destroying their priestly class/tradition/ancestral memory, you sever their ability to call upon the land/spiritual realm/inner self for primordial power. They cannot access primal force, the source of creation and destruction. They have no concept of beauty or perfection.
Their rituals of power, their evolution towards perfection, and their lineage/history/sense of time is destroyed and they are helpless babes, left in a void - leaderless. Every generation appears in the world naive and vulnerable, their brain hijacked, and stuck in an eternal loop of slavery and limited options. Whereas the Jewish man learns from infancy the Torah (I suppose the Talmud for certain communities), best practices, and lives and learns not only esoteric knowledge but the experience of his ancestors. He emerges completely equipped, intellectually and spiritually, to wage war - a killer robot full of worldly wisdom. Think of the Arabs - a tribe of proud but backwards half-monkey camel riders. The central mantra/core of their religion is "Allah hu Akbar": "God (Arab Muslims) is (are) great/powerful/big". That's why they're so aggressive intolerant and dogmatic and merciless. They are unified, they have self-esteem, an identity, absolute certainty, conviction.

Y'all really need to read the two PDFs I attached in

Europeans must abandon Christianity, and destroy all Abrahamic faiths.

No. 1255 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Money is just the vehicle for corruption/command/misleading and control of the gentile, and the means of sustenance of the Jew. Literally thriving off others’ death, decay and misery.

No. 1258 by Coldpillows98
Its all-good my friend. I don’t even listen to rap shit anymore, only JS Bach, Chopin, and Eric Satie nowadays. My point was only that even when normies feel this evil spirit run through them and they express some ‘feeling’ they are immediately shut down, so like you say they are pigs in sty but worse than that they are pigs that are programmed against their instinct (MKultra).

I like the things you have said in this thread. I believe that like Israel we can also resurrect old territories like Sparta or Malta or Rhodes and become the new Nights Hospitaller that has outposts all around the world. With strong battalions of youthful men and laser defenses (I know u say we fuked but I like to dream), we could bring our people toward the next age of man of high spirit and vitality.

Questions: what would be some of the grand projects that you would work on if you had the manpower, capital, and the leisure to do it?

No. 1259 by William Cecil Clayton
Do you have secure email? I have ideas in the works.

No. 1260 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I just want to post this here. It seems every time I read/expose myself to profound thinkers, I see new things and make new connections. This clip was very rewarding for me, also in light of the original post^^ (ideas like virtues for virtue's sake, virtue being found in the domain of action - many many ideas; too many to list here)

Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra - The Virtuous

Also, Coldpillows, I will be addressing such grand projects and broad conceptual ideas as well as important details in coming days. Excellent suggestion. I have plane trips so I will type on iPad and post soon.

Thamk frens

No. 1261 by Coldpillows98
Ya sure u can email me here:

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