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No. 1165 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
On A Versatile System for the Creation of Warrior-Priests and Eugenic Ennoblement Towards Ubermensch
I intend with this coming verbosity to record and flesh out my accumulated thoughts (making sense of all of the ideas/men I've been exposed to these past several years) and attempt the codification of a system and culture that will efficiently create high quality Hyperboreans

As a reminder, I am mischling of Jewish paternal descent (Sephardic Torah warlike patriarchal values, never mercantile Ashkenazi Talmud, and I was raised in a kind of family vacuum outside of Jewish community life and mass culture degeneracy). I have traveled to Israel/speak Hebrew and can see in myself and from my experience both extremes of Aryan and Jew. This is a generalization, but Zionism and Nazism, as modern forms representative of each race's age-old tradition and group strategy, are actually very similar systems and involve sophisticated group-oriented behaviors designed to promote growth and propagate power by the means best suited to each race. Each model/race is unique and very powerful, and has its strengths and weaknesses. I hope to explain this in-depth and synthesize a viable group-strategy that incorporates the best of both races (if I may be so bold). Please contribute to this brainstorming - I have many ideas and some semi-unique insights, but I don't know it all. Eventually I hope to unify all materials and top-notch contributions in a linktree-type thing (nexus) and then convert to hard drive for secure promulgation.

I've been thinking and comparing the two systems/life-strategies within me and within the world (Sun/Life vs Void-Abyss/Death), and realize that the Aryan way of eugenic warfare and manly predatory competition is the only eugenic way forward for humanity. Slavery and parasitic profiteering is dysgenic, and I realized that NWO Jewish overlordship of mankind will not result in the Jews taking it upon themselves to give birth to the Ubermensch through war using their newfound surplus; they will debauch themselves in their tyranny and destroy the planet.

No. 1166 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
This system is geared towards creating Koryos-Mannerbunds of young bodybuilders with land and pastoral capabilities, ultimately forming families and close-knit communities with high fertility. RWBB compounds. Clear-cut, A-Z guide and shopping list for setting up of bases/living spaces that can be either anonymous or eventually networked, independent of public utilities, financial pressures, and supply chain breakdown. An 18th-century lifestyle can be sustained with hand tools (small-scale technology).

In the coming posts, I will expand on many ideas and attempt to:
1) Codify best universal practices for the individual in all stages and spheres of life COMMANDMENTS/REGIME
2) Create a system of education designed to deprogram and then reprogram/instill Traditional Warrior Aryan values available offline in hard drive/book list reading format to expedite, formalize, and scale up the radicalization process using the most laconic and high quality sources (using existing content, but eventually custom-made refined yet simple curriculum for youth education and multi-generational radicalization) BRAINWASH/ENLIGHTENMENT/FANATICIZATION
3) Equip with all red-pills and hypermaturize into omniscient absolute purist bodybuilding genius fanatics. Obsession and self-reinforcement, ritual devotion, ultimately in-person team-reinforcement echo chamber REPLACE NAIVETE WITH OMNISCIENCE, CHOOSE HEROISM OVER NIHILISM

Before being able to project power - on any scale - a sacred space of purity and high quality must be created, separation achieved, and a unique space created for the cultivation of individuals of a certain type. Think Synagogue or Greek Gymnasium/Palaestra. When living on hostile territory or under mixed-race empire with hostile jurisdiction government, IMMUNITY to infiltration (PRIVACY) and SACRED RITES OF POWER (Martial/Athletic Training or Torah reading and Unity of Mind; Information/Commodity Exchange) must be PRESERVED, IMMORTALIZED, and practiced regularly

No. 1167 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
^^ This separation and cultivation is the definition of nobility and integrity, and this distancing is required to PRESERVE the blood and cultural values for eternity. One of the keys to Jewish survival is the fact that they wrote down their spiritual tradition/heritage in an extremely complex but compact Torah scroll. Every Jewish community - and there were many seeds, dispersed throughout the world - contains the seeds to continue the nation. Though one node may be extinguished, the network lives on. We're not talking about perpetuating a race, or a tradition. We're talking about the GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS and unity of race and religion; this self-awareness requires social organization led by high-IQ priests/leaders/repositories of sacred tradition.
When Rome obliterated 80-90% of Judea in 70 CE, there were only a handful of "sages/geniuses" of the Torah left, and small populations in the Eastern Mediterranean. Yet given protection inside the Empire and being removed of the duty of defending themselves militarily they rebounded, multiplied, profited parasitically, economically out-competed and monopolized using teamwork/Swarm Hive Mind tactics, and participated in the political capture of elites using their material clout, bribery and corruption of moral/spiritual values. "Free Market" monopolies and Christian proto-Communism. Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same coin - both represent the centralization of material power, accumulation of resources and buildup of potential for the killing strike (either a swift poison bite like French/Russian revolution or a slow strangling) and increases in dependency due to dispossession and subversion of the enemy's virility and parasitism of the host. Capitalism promotes pacification and distraction with materialism, dependency on good-providers rather than self-sufficiency. The Jews thrive off of corruption. Capitalism amounts to the theft of labor on a national scale, and the imposition of artificial

No. 1168 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
scarcity. As opposed to other races who stand no chance or are unfruitful slaves, Capitalist/Mercantilist Northern European civilization is composed of highly inventive/creative men and some of the world's finest warriors and explorers. Lots of virility to deplete. So in response to being burdened, you have produced all kinds of weapons technology and means of production which, when adopted by hostile powers, largely neutralizes the historical Aryan physical and military intelligence superiority (guns, WMDs, modern technology) Without a single, potent/totalitarian, accountable monarch/warrior nobility, the entire realm becomes vulnerable to subversion, integrity destroyed. The only way to avoid subversion by the Jews is to not tolerate them within your borders and be completely immune and intolerant to the point of hostility like Nazi Germany. Even then, Jewish-Freemason lackey controlled USA, Britain, France and Russia will throw their gullible subhuman peasant slaves at you and overwhelm you with an unholy alliance of technology and unending masses. As a side note, the computer/telecommunications technologies will be preserved jealously and zealously by Israel at all costs, and after a depletion in the genetic quality of the rest of the world Israel will emerge with mass-produced swarms of drones and remote-controlled tanks. The industrial base, labor force, and resource trade networks are being put in place for this... Greater Israel.
Unless there is mass awakening/mass non-compliance/mass revolution to the point of death, inertia and momentum remain with Israel. There are, unfortunately, an endless supply of prostitutes and race traitors who will stupidly and selfishly betray their race for narrow material gain.

- That turned into a rant. You all likely know all this but I wanted to get it out of the way. A complete conceptual understanding of the problem/threats and power dynamics is necessary for formulation of solutions. 1000s of years of subversion to

No. 1169 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
combat. I will continue to explore concepts:

If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
- Polydoros of Sparta (741 to c. 665 BC)

Without Knowledge, Skill cannot be focused.
Without Skill, Strength cannot be brought to bear
and without Strength, Knowledge may not be applied.
- Alexander the Great

Freedom is participation in power.
- Marcus Tullius Cicero

An understanding I had a year or so ago:

Truth (understanding of the laws of Nature/Macrocosm and Human Nature/Microcosm, deep and intuitive understanding of mechanics/power dynamics) >> Power (capacity to establish sovereignty, maintain integrity, be free, self-control) >> Control (power projected onto living and nonliving things outside of yourself, shaping the environment and people to your will)

3 Forms of Control of Human Beings:
Coin (Merchant) >> Book (Priest) >> Sword (Warrior)

Coin: Humans need food to live. Their lives are shaped by their property and material surroundings. Control their material surroundings and constrain their ability to maneuver or sustain themselves in the physical world. Alternatively, provide them everything they need with little to no exertion on their part, even an exorbitant surplus of goods to promote decadence and remove the need for any exertion or sophistication on their part: welfare-cattle, grain-eating city-dwelling static slaves. Stifle and strangulate the target populace using the material world, especially within controlled artificial urban environments.

No. 1170 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Book: Control of the Intellect can take several forms. The religious leader serves as a repository of the traditional religiosity and facilitates social cohesion using rhetoric, brainwashing the populace and ensuring everyone has the same moral values. When correctly applied, the glorious deeds of the ancestors are enshrined as role models, and the sacred understanding of "Truth" (see above) and the worldview of the race are preserved from generation to generation and glorified. This wisdom and higher learning is beneficially applied 100% pro-socially so that every free member of the ethnos can realize their greatest potential and thereby strengthen the team. There are no secrets or conspiracies against the fellow man, leaders are known and accessible, unity and amicability is promoted, patriarchy is enshrined. Brotherhood, truth, loyalty, honesty.
When deliberately misapplied/corrupted, rhetorical ability and high intellect are used to confuse, manipulate, constrict information flow and wider awareness, promote physically/spiritually unhealthy habits to enfeeble the fellow man so that you may prey upon him. Encourage discord, arrest development and seek to enslave your fellow man by depriving him of virility or encouraging addiction/lust/groupthink oversocialization. If individual weakness is praised/normalized and heroic tales are not heard, low standards will prevail.

In modern times, we see the control of people's brains conducted by unaccountable mass media in the hands of hidden groups and veiled liars and facilitated by technology, created by engineers and scientists who must be initiated into special knowledge. Modern high technology is priestly and most accept what they are fed. Few are curious enough to think for themselves or be students of history/philosophy.

No. 1171 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Sword: Kinetic force, the ability to kill someone by harming their body. Kinetic force is absolute, the ultimate form of power and control. Clean, simple, virtuous, natural.

Weakness (in all its forms: fear, laziness, stupidity, demoralization, no self-esteem) and lack of virility/integrity/resistance in the target populace make control easier.

In order to be free and sovereign - alone or in a group - you must have the capacity to feed, move and sustain yourself (fight entropy of hunger, navigate spacetime competently - MOTION); remain conscious of your surroundings and potential threats (CONSCIOUSNESS, AWARENESS); overpower or avoid threats that endanger you or your means of sustenance (STAY ALIVE, COMPETE FOR POWER, CONTROL TERRITORY)
This is dominance, self-preservation in nature.

In the long term and especially in group terms this involves the conquest/usurpation of enemy territory or undermining of their base of power.

This project, Asha Logos' efforts, and the dissident right as a whole is basically an attempt at either reviving racial consciousness amongst the masses (who are overwhelmingly genetic trash unworthy of saving) or straight up ethnogenesis/tribal-subculture-formation and a cobbling together of Aryan Tradition to stave off complete racial annihilation and loss of racial memory.

For the Ubermensch to be realized by the Eternal Recurrence and the increasing of man's physical/mental/emotional/spiritual capabilities in general, or according to specific civilizational values, infrastructure is necessary (seeing as humans have no natural competition and the environment isn't Ice Age and forcing us to improve/evolve) as the Greeks did with their Gymnasiums, the Jews did with their Synagogues, the Tibetans did with their Buddhist monk bloodlines in their ascetic mountain retreats...

The current globohomo civilization promotes servility, pacifism, genetic decay, poisoning the Earth, and racial dissolution.

No. 1172 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
If we are to combat this, we need to create a complete parallel society, one that will be informal in the beginning and small-scale, likely non-contiguous and dispersed.
This is not an organic development, or mass-movement. We aspire to buck "the trend", first as disjointed groups of individuals/mannerbunds, but ultimately to expand, connect, and propagate our fight throughout eternity until we achieve complete dominance and eliminate hostile threats.

This requires a unified civilizational model, common all-encompassing doctrine, like Lycurgus or Moses giving laws. This involves questions of Nietzschean valuation (moral values being in service of the mission/aspiration of the race), social structure, economy, culture, military power, geographic terrain.
I view spirituality/paganism/ideologies as a surrogate form of meaning and secondary to social loyalty. Meaning and sense of belonging can be found in fighting for your group. We're fighting for each other after all, and our posterity, not Ostara or Thor or nature spirits. Racial Kinsmen are concrete and viscerally relatable. Children even more so.

Hopefully we can create a model for constructive real-world action and weather the coming multigenerational storm.

Forgive me if I've been stating the obvious, but I'm trying to solve this problem like an engineer - systematically, defining common terms, recognizing constraints etc... This is only the exposition, the beginning. This is a grand undertaking. Over the past several years we've had lots of good socializing and posting and aesthetics admiring and inspiring/morale-infusing stuff going on. But the RWBB compounds aren't going to build themselves. We need the ability to preserve and scale our mission.

This has been brainstorming. I welcome help and input! Let's forge a complete weapon, a plan, infrastructure, and dominate our future! Memes are good, but not powerfuk enough. Need professional propaganda and Kinetic Force. Real means of production. Wild men

No. 1173 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Predators and Warriors! Natural Aristocrats! Free Men!

As an aside, I believe in a combination of Evola's Traditionalism and Nietzschean/BAP Vitalism converging in Solar Warrior Military Order (credit to the Solar Warrior guy for the term).

A continuation of the list from the first post that I will not refine because I will go to sleep:

4) Outline constructive action/professions needed for autarky and self-defense SELF-SUFFICIENT ECONOMY
5) Simplify and emotionalize rhetoric, create "themes" for propaganda (not just memes, but core ideas and phrases that will strike deep into their soul and not stop re-emerging in the target's brain
6) Make the connections obvious to geniuses accessible to the White masses
7) Promote consciousness of race and vitalistic/Traditionalistic universal appeal
8) Visceral appeal
9) Repository of the finest aesthetics, categorized and used as ideals to worship (European women, Bodybuilders)
10) Reading list categorized by intent (Evola, Nietzsche, Asha Logos ancient sources
11) Promote progress on the individual level and accumulation of useful "human capital"
12) Disaster-proof but with pirate mentality (we ought to cannibalize and vampirise the decaying system), take advantage of current abundance
13) Promote mass awakening using offline methods and heightened fertility and sovereignty of the current devotees
14) Develop breeding program/recruitment method of assessing viable female candidates for family creation
15) Music list - categorized
16) Ideal regions for settlement (cheap land, conducive to animal husbandry/pastoralism, relatively defensible/inaccessible terrain a bonus, remote/rural)
17) Economy along the lines of guild system

The target needs to be able to spend all leisure time partaking in/self-radicalizing/preparing with red-pilling/enlightenment/Aryan Aesthetics/History/Philosophy/Traditionalism/VIRILE TRADITIONAL MUSIC, of the finest curated and centrally available quality. The self-radicalization process and

No. 1174 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
"wandering in the desert"/Internet browsing must be SEVERELY expedited and curtailed, the requisite knowledge and masculine development formalized, codified. We need to create a central brainwashing station, a collection of texts/media, overarching message to PREACH as SALVATION and THE KEY TO POWER. The target must become at once INSPIRED and DISGUSTED with the state of things and DEMAND a change, demand that he take personal action. We must create infrastructure not only for ourselves but to accommodate expansion for co-opting eager candidates, a pipeline for real-world action (buying land, building housing/compounds, learning animal husbandry and lucrative/necessary artisanal work, horsemanship/land navigation, weapons proficiency, bushcraft/outdoorsmanship, creative leisure and wholesome fraternization).
The target and entire network needs to sponsor people like The Golden One, Asha Logos, Survive the Jive, and we need to have in-house production/businesses for each sector. As we gain power maybe we could be like a private company or something.


Prussian values

We need to all contribute our best ideas and take meaningful action

This seems impossible, and maybe I'm delusional, but we ought to be building power bases in the countryside and living well eating animal products and in the company of our peers. Taking serious measures to equip ourselves to lead and carry the torch no matter what

No. 1177 by William Cecil Clayton
Yes I agree with you pretty much 100%. I’m moving quickly in this direction as we speak. The networks that most people have online just need to solidify and then things will start happening naturally.

No. 1180 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I realized today; the only thing we need in truth is a shit ton of testosterone, the amount that makes you delirious with rage and energy that you cannot contain, the kind that makes you want to shout/roar to assert dominance over your area or release frustration. The cold, refined rage that turns you into a predator and replaces reason with will/instinct. Such an overflowing amount of virility that you go insane. Killer instinct.

I can say for myself that I'm done reading or using the Internet or Telegram for anything other than Asha Logos, BAP, Prussian Society of America, and Chadnet, and even that would be infrequently. With this final revelation of proper raw animal diet, there is literally nothing I can learn anymore. At this point, any lack of action is inexcusable; further intellectualization will lead nowhere. We ought to be on war footing, thinking militarily, creating protective measures for small communities. Identifying promising areas for settlement.

People are too old, too attached and materialistic with too much to lose, too cowardly, too stupid, too unskilled. Not wild enough, unwilling to take risks, apathetic, infantile. Poor genetics, poor health, fearful and traumatized. Low self-esteem, low testosterone. Too naive, slavish mentality/morality. Too distracted/escapist. No self-respect, dignity, or desire to live, and no faith to speak of, sadly.

I don't think we lack the brains. If we have muscular men, well that's a lot of potential, but there's no useful application of those muscles. We're not creating any meaningful social or physical infrastructure.

Mass awakening would mean nothing whatsoever without mass sacrifice, even with the perfect brainwashing/deprogramming database/package, due to the above listed flaws in the overwhelming majority of the American populace (I still intend to do it, as a creative activity, when I'm in a more secure position soon).

No. 1181 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Even being cowboy pastoralist outdoorsmen like those men that already exist in the heartland of the US won't help us; as we grow we would inevitably want to create small cities.

The number of young men that have the inherent capability or inclination to be curious/disciplined enough to engage in the deprogramming and masculine/spiritual elevation included in such a perfect brainwashing package is miniscule.

Moreover very few adults have the leisure time to undertake such a prolonged process. Any movement which involves adults will 100% be infiltrated and subverted. That makes small, intimate mannerbunds that grow over time and create an insular society the only reliable option (to my mind).

Also I realized that while I'm inclined towards military genius (I guess many guys like to think such things of themselves) and strategy/geopolitics/warfare, I'm just a very smart/wise, poor young man with no connections, wealth, or real-world experience to speak of. I haven't even built a log cabin or hunted an animal in my life. I need to start living in the real world and pursuing creative solutions instead of browsing the Internet for answers or reading books endlessly.

I think awakening people to the problems the European peoples face and indoctrinating them to forget their entire lives' slavish values in exchange for self-sacrificial devotion to essentially National Socialism and German world supremacy is almost laughably impossible; few people are mature or principled enough to even consider such a thing, and there is no friendly government in existence today. Most people are empty voids and simple slaves with no group loyalty or courage.

The White race is divided, unconscious, and even those of us that are awake are on our back foot and publicly discussing online the endless minutia of how we have been subverted for 3,000 years now. For years (if not decades). Critical mass is never reached.
Passivity and inertia instead of clear offensive measures, momentum

No. 1182 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Testosterone combined with camaraderie/sacred brotherhood. The social order/hierarchy, brains and brawn would follow naturally.

No. 1183 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Sounds great, man. I don't know what you all plan on doing, but if there's any chance I could join your adventure then let me know and we could evaluate each other. I don't have much money to contribute, just me.

No. 1184 by William Cecil Clayton
Everything I’ve seen you post here I absolutely agree with. I think a lot of people want to talk about all these esoteric ideas, learn Attic Greek, retranslate Nietzsche, start podcasts, and all that stuff. There are very few people worth following of listening to. We might not get a shot for decades. We might never have an opportunity to break free of this filth. What we should be focusing on is biology. I don’t mean just from a materialistic sense, but a deeper more fluid sense. Understanding power is important. Understanding the yourself and how culture shapes people is important. However, I see a lot of intellectual master bait on that won’t really lead to anything. How about instead of writing a commentary on hamelt and why Schopenhauer liked it, you mentor some teen guys that have no one to look to for answers. It’s their time and they use it how they see fit. Sol, I think we are thinking pretty much the same thing here.

Create an environment that will necessitates positive breeding and a healthy united community focused on establishing a hierarchy of truly noble men who value loyalty, honor, and cruelty above all else.

I agree virility is key in this endeavor. I think starting a city, or taking over a small city. Build a gym of fanatical vitalists. Make connections and inroads in the town to get people jobs and push people out of positions to move our guys in. I don’t really care about politics at all. I just want to own my environment or better yet be an environment that I can own.

My project would work best if you were married and had some seed money to help get yourself established, but there is still plenty of time for that.

No. 1185 by Coldpillows98
Yes what u say is mostly true. But I’ve been thinking about Nietzsche’s three stages of life the camel, the lion, and the child. I think I’ve been in the camel stage most of my life with school, college, work, and it’s been unrewarding. Especially since when you reach a ‘watering hole’ (Netflix, party, etc) it’s all Zogged. Black Achilles, Viking, and all these things demoralize you and when you go out for a bite to eat so much of it is poison (seed oils, Monsanto). The camel represents the stoic Christian, the Jordan Peterson way, cleaning your room and bearing your cross but to what end? It may have worked out for the boomers since the system still function properly and benefitted them but today the camel is no longer noble.

No. 1186 by Coldpillows98
One time at party the song ‘Look at Me’ by XXXtenetacion (he was maybe killed for his knowledge of esoteric music theory) came on and me and other younglings felt the fire ignite within ourselves and we started jumping and getting hyped. Moments later a bouncer or club manager apparatchik interrupts us and tells us to settle down. Its New Year’s Eve?! This is party club, What Do You Mean?

I think now is time for the Lion. The natural predatory focus on a goal or task with a pure will. Through Mishima and BAM you can harness your will and spirit of fire to explore and struggle for space. The Lion has no Morales, he isn’t a ‘thinker’ or ‘intellectual’ that creates categorizations of ‘identity’ for the purpose of ‘belonging’ There are many zoomers that need help. I can see the brokenness within them, the same as the Jaguar caged in exhibit.

No. 1187 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Thanks for the reply/engagement. Great points. You're right, mentoring the youth/getting them up to speed is crucial, as they are more receptive and needing of guidance/understanding. Being the master of your domain is key to manhood. Best of luck!

No. 1188 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
That "song" is repulsive and alien. Brain damage. No resemblance with anything Lion-like or noble.
I've never stepped foot into a club or tolerated such music in my presence; I feel disgusted and polluted by negrified mass culture.

It's tasteless peasants that humiliate themselves by imbibing such trash.

There may be many young men and women that need help, which is why I would want to compile a central place with all the top quality answers/sources of applicable wisdom, but most are unsalvageable waste and too spiritually ugly to have a chance at redemption.

No. 1189 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Try listening to this music:


I’m reminded of a Prussian Society of America post that mentioned the German people’s animal being the Golden Eagle, rather than the Lion.

No. 1190 by trevor
This is a spectacular, high quality post dude. I didn't even know you were part Jewish, but this makes up for it lul.
>Create a system of education designed to deprogram and then reprogram/instill Traditional Warrior Aryan values

Past the Jewish Question I don't think you need a lot. When you wake up and realize everything you've ever been taught, and in some cases felt, was predetermined by some faggot kike, you try to get your life back on track. Of course the classics would be good and Asha Logos' material is good as well. Throw in some The Lightning and the Sun for /ourguy/ Genghis and you've got the basics.
>Equip with all red-pills and hypermaturize into omniscient absolute purist bodybuilding genius fanatics.

I just worry how dedicated any normal person would be to this. Even if they were born into it, how far could this be pushed to get to "fanatic" levels? Maybe you know more since you seem educated on Jewish survival tactics, but this seems too hopeful. I might be wrong though.
>Though one node may be extinguished, the network lives on.

This is what drew me to decentralized/open-source projects. The idea that it can't all be shutdown with one attack is a clear winner. Guides for all of this would take time though.

No. 1197 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Good, thanks. I'll address the 3 points you highlighted.
1) Assuming you'll be able to convince someone their whole life has been a lie and that they've been fooled and taken advantage of (harder than you think, some people are stubborn and willfully ignorant, think absolute truth is what the social norm is) and revolutionize their worldview, changing the person's self-image, values/ethic, mindset and way of life to being Warrior/Traditional/Aryan usually involves a paradigm shift in their entire being and a destruction of their past self - a complete transformation. A complete overhaul of their "identity".
Yes, you can read the classics and watch 10 hours of Asha Logos, but interpreting and applying this complexity is a huge task. These are solid foundations, yes. My concern is that once you are 100% up to speed and assume responsibility for the fate of your people, and can no longer relate in any way to the modern degeneracy, how can you work productively to create a parallel environment/society and cultivate/perpetuate in your children such rare values?

Most lay-people don't have deep nuanced thought, and complexity tends to confuse. Maimonides was great because he simplified the Torah tradition into simple commands/axioms/mantras/ways of behaving that were very accessible and satisfying to the lay-people. Ultimately, an Aristocratic soul must be developed, lived out; this is not workable in capitalist urban police state. I hope to refine/simplify/codify and create a "formalized" roadmap/quest of self-discovery and enlightenment in the hopes of recruiting youths to shun the modern system and seek to create and embody the values they have imbibed in the beneficial brainwashing process.

2) I'll say this; the fanaticism won't be so much irrational, emotional devotion, but more ecstatic/virile masculine territorial response/strong conviction. For example, after learning about and experiencing for myself the immense health benefits of eating raw animal

No. 1198 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
foods (beef, milk, honey, cheese), and feeling more alive and nourished than I ever imagined possible, I am a raw primal (see Aajonus Vonderplanitz, sv3rige) fanatic and will never change my mind because it is an immutable truth that makes me stronger and is integral to my "identity". Lived experiences can change you.
You mention that normal people would probably not be dedicated, but let's say you cure a guy's chronic diseases because of feeding him raw animal foods. A light bulb and good feelz would go off in that guy's head. Or a girl would actually have glowing skin and thick hair and look naturally beautiful and behave naturally feminine and calm - she'd probably tell all of her friends. Awakening such people would be good for mass awakening/awareness, yes. The top candidates for living in remote bodybuilding fraternity paradise in a hereditary mafia are more likely young "frog" devotees and either jock/Chad/athlete or uber-intelligent types (and we need the union of both) disaffected by the current system and eager to thrive/adventure. Idealistic/spiritual/aristocratic types - well-developed individuals.

Other factors that would inspire loyalty and enthusiasm naturally develop when you get a band of brothers together. Also, when all illusions are dispelled (red pill taken) and mechanics explained, functioning brains can't lie to themselves; when far higher states of health and vitality are experienced, joy is the result, and instincts take over - momentum is built.

A crucial benefit of the guided deprogramming/radicalization process is that people will be presented with simple, applicable and relevant lifestyle changes and workable solutions. They will be both grateful and proud of themselves, and inspired to take action or at least discuss/share with others.

The potency, refinement and simplicity/accessibility of such a package is crucial for mass adoption/persuasion/propagandization.

A final point to consider is that the fanaticism needn't be

No. 1199 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
conceived of as a burden or work, a positive effort or offensive measure. Once a slave tastes freedom, gains awareness or knowledge (or even if a panda/predator tastes meat 8^) ), he will fight to defend himself against slipping into a worse state. If he does, he will long and ever strive to recover such pure and healthy state. People do not like to be deprived of their power, and awareness can never be taken away; in fact, it will only grow and discontent/impetus to action with it. True men would rather die than relinquish their manhood or betray their people/highest principles. Once you discover your own manhood (your divine spark), you will cherish it above all else.

3) Yeah, this last point is major, and while I don't propose having a budding publicly transparent 'network', I do support covert recruitment of or personal initiatives taken by young heroes to build small nuclear mannnerbund settlements/RWBB compounds wherever they may be.

Part of codifying the central tenets and principles and turning it into a step-by-step quest-like process is that it makes the model easily replicable, scalable, simple, and "do-able".

Infrastructure would include sleeping quarters/barracks, gymnasium, raw animal food production, library of radicalizing texts, tools and storage warehouse/barn/shed, basic utilities, means of transport/communication. Small cooperative settlements with wholesome virile common life which could be expanded over time to accommodate wives/children.
Not to mention the social infrastructure/laws/hierarchy/duties to consider.

In an urban area (less secure) this could maybe even be just a single large dormitory-gym-library area to serve as a sacred male space. It could even be a beach-house type thing; not necessarily a military base.

I think we need a sacred document that outlines core principles and defines European spirit in very profound and simple language proverbs (with Ancient Greek and classically European material as foundation

No. 1200 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>

Eventually I seek to build a prototype compound in the remote wilderness using prior planning and my own experience with the logistics of such a settlement. This insight would help to scale and economize the construction of serious RWBB settlements, and create a framework for cultural unity.

No. 1201 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
If I'm not mistaken, this is what BAP calls for.

No. 1204 by trevor
Can you explain the hype behind BAP? I tried listening to one of his free podcasts and couldn't really understand his accent.

No. 1205 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I suggest you read his book, and if it resonates with you pay $5 on his Gumroad and download all of his podcasts for yourself. To me - a native English speaker, he is perfectly intelligible - I find his accent endearing and charismatic. He discusses his worldviews and preaches Nietzsche in an accessible way, exhorts young men to throw off the yoke of oppressive and primitive pre-Aryan tyrannical-mediocre-degenerate-sludge society and embrace self-overcoming, exploration, bodybuilding and radical freedom. He has many interesting musings and literature recommendations from European tradition. His podcasts are a form of high culture with enlivening classical music, legendary ancient Greek, Medieval and modern tales of men of power (Timoleon, Heraclitus, Robert Guiscard, Mike Hoare).

I've never done social media, but the RWBB (Right Wing Bodybuilder)/"frog" sphere "fight the regime" and send samizdat transmissions on Twitter to point out the contemptible weakness and hypocrisy of Western globohomo-occupied governments, and rally young RWBBs to the cause.

On the whole, it's the only real message of salvation for aspiring young heroic men - largely apolitical and non-ideological - looks at the world from a natural, vital, and virile perspective

I suggest you read and internalize the values of the entire Prussian Society of America blog from oldest to newest entries, watch Asha Logos' videos and podcasts in chronological order, and then if you like partake in BAP. Then decide if you would like to realize your manhood and lead a great life of freedom and rebellion against the slavery of modernity and conformity, and preserve European heritage. If so, be free and link up with like-minded men. Don't get caught in the trap of society. Be a free spirit, a new philosopher in the Nietzschean sense. If you are serious about this I suggest you read Evola and Nietzsche to start, or at least listen to good presentations of their wisdom from RWBB sources.

No. 1206 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
You should, of course, read the entirety of this forum - there is good material posted.

No. 1207 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Before living a lifetime of true exploration and freedom you must journey intellectually and spiritually/morally beyond the bounds of present times and societal "values". Read Nietzsche's The Greek State, and listen/read Tacitus' Germania (1 hr)

This is your heritage and history, your birthright as a European.

No. 1208 by William Cecil Clayton
Just listened to Asha Logos Alexander video. Never heard of him before you turned me on to him. Yes we need more of this. Sol do you have a secure way to contact you?

No. 1209 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Asha Logos is the best. He is of Frisian descent. He has created a secret messaging group for various research projects, networking and info-sharing on Matrix/Element server - TPP (The Phoenix Project). I suggest you apply to join after watching all of Asha's content, on Youtube, Bitchute and the podcasts on his website. He is pure and loyal. His statue/avatar is Ares.

No. 1211 by William Cecil Clayton
I absolutely will. That’s awesome I’m working my way through his content now. I am glad you talked about him. I’m all about memes and stuff, but I really want something more serious, that isn’t necessarily the European new right.

No. 1212 by William Cecil Clayton
Asha Logos seems like the guy.

No. 1262 by manletwarrior88
excellent thred, ... wats ur @ on twatter? mayb i add? honestly i was suprised to find a fellow jew heree...

No. 1263 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I've never used social media. If you want to be a true tzadik and help the world, fight for Hyperborean blondes. Jews are intelligent, wise/Traditional, patriarchal (usually/formally) and sophisticated, but in the direction of destruction, not creation. Exhausting the world's virility doesn't help anyone.

No. 1264 by john
twatter used mostly for group / private communicationz by frands

No. 1281 by manletwarrior88
I see what ur saying, but remember,not all jews are like the ones in NYCManhatten, Amerika, Euro jews moar RW, so dont generalise .... r u on telegram if udont use twatter?

No. 1317 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I have a telegram @Sol_Aeterna

Was away from civilization for the past month or so

No. 1325 by sailorbro2
Very good thoughts!

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