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No. 1162 by William Cecil Clayton
Robert Sepehr Seckts Magicks
Every video this guy makes is mostly the same topic. Atlantean seck magick is the foundation of all religions and don’t nut. If you have seen his videos it’s either inner earth+secks magicks or Atlantis+secks magicks. Don’t get me wrong highly entertaining some very interesting things. However he stops there.

“Hitler/Jesus/Odin/Buddha/Krishna/Sun god/etc says don’t cum. He is also Atlantean.”

So you don’t come and the Nazis take you to Antarctica? What’s the next step? If it was that easy how come ol’Robby isn’t a wizard? How come he isn’t leading expeditions to inner earth? What is his deal it makes 0 sense. Am I too Bantu to understand?!?

No. 1163 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I've seen some of his videos.
My take is that ejaculation and sex with or being around women, while natural is ultimately degenerative to the "spiritual"/ascetic/intellectual/contemplative/creative side of virility.
If you are never introspective and do not "Know Thyself" because you lavish all attention on chasing women, supporting women materially, and burdening yourself with the petty concerns of household/family management due to too many children or marriage at a young age, you will be tied down, emotionally attached, and deprived of the aristocratic solitude needed for contemplation, spiritual elevation and detachment/social indifference which is conducive to objectivity and works of genius.

And while Chakra/Kundalini spinal fluid pineal gland enlightenment is not something I 100% believe in, I can say for certain that constant ejaculation depletes the body's most precious fat/mineral stores (bone density, tendon strength/density, fatty brain matter, spiritual/sexual tension/power, energy levels taxed because of the metabolic load needed to re-create/replenish semen stores), and if you do not eat a superabundance of animal products (meat, eggs, dairy, seafood) and therefore bioavailable minerals/vitamins/nutrients, you will turn into a puddle. Also BAP talks about how the restriction/control of fertility and sexual discipline was seen by the Greeks and all Aryans as proper/Apollonian. Sex is dangerous degenerative vampiric force and energy transfer from man to woman, but it also creates sacred life. Too much focus on sex and licentiousness leads to Babylon and civilizational collapse.

Do not sacrifice at the altar of woman. Do not give your strength unto women and debase your Kingly regality, unless you get a baby out of it and can support it.

You could argue that warrior Chad Genghis Khan lifestyle is superior; I just tried to explain the mindset behind it. I don't know why he harps on it, probably just trying to promote good youth habits

No. 1164 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Also Tacitus' Germania mentions German men remaining virgin until age 20 to promote their strength and development, and adulterous women being killed and denied monkey-branching to beta male mate. In fact the effeminate were "smothered" and drowned while the anti-social criminal types were openly tortured to death using brutal methods.

Truly free society means all men operating at 100% virility and completely sovereign warriors. Constant training for warfare. Lesser males breed and pollute the gene pool, leading to impotent males and broken females - unmarriageable and incapable of defense.

"Freedom is participation in power"
- Marcus Tullius Cicero

No. 1214 by William Cecil Clayton
Dude, this stuff is so real. I’m like a week and a half in. The game has been changed. I recommend.

No. 1219 by Zabatendorf
Rob is great. You must do tantric seks where you explicitly dont coom inside her. This is a powerfuk tecnique

No. 1220 by William Cecil Clayton
Yes I found this is just the tip of the iceberg it seems. Rob was right.

No. 1221 by William Cecil Clayton
We need need new vril society.

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