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No. 1136 by g-gundam
Caribbean Rhythms with BAP - Episode 107 - Movies on Rayp

>Is show on various political matters, French election, Twatter and Musk, but mostly on movies! I review Woman in the Dunes, Passage to India, and Irreversible.



No. 1137 by john
i yet to listen, but i hope musk do good w/ twitter... i worried about his identity verification idea, may destroy twatter

No. 1138 by g-gundam
>identity verification

That would suck. A long time ago, BAP tweeted that the only truly free speech we have is anonymous speech. We need as much free speech as we can get.

No. 1140 by john
i halfway listen, i will watch the bridge over river kwai movie l8r some time it sound interesting

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