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No. 1106 by YoungViceroy88
Happy Birthday Hitler! 88
We must realize that we owe much to what we know and who we are to him. He was perhaps the greatest man of the last millennia and was the last genuine honest ruler in Europe. Its in his shadow the world still sits and whom all still think and speak of in secret. Though it was not entirely successful, his great effort and many victories in fighting the Judeo-Bolshevik world order must be recognized and respected. I miss him very much and only hope that his spirit might manifest among one of us and lead us to greatness again.
Heil Hitler! Heil Europe! Heil the Future!

No. 1111 by g-gundam

No. 1124 by john
i forgor to do on time yes happy bday mr Hitler

No. 1139 by Frrllrt
I m late. Just arrived here. Any books u specially recomended ? Thks

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