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No. 1098 by YoungViceroy88
Lethargy, Laziness, Apathy. Modern Student/Young Western life.
Everywhere I go these things are so apparent. As a student, its very difficult especially when the Professors are so careless and lazy about the class as my fellow students are. This is quite bad when learning new languages like French and Spanish, which have intricacies not familiar to the English mind. We have sat and done the same questions to answer in the language yet we have all gotten WORSE since the beginning. Nobody cares anymore. Its showing its signs in the performance of the students, which is reflective of the teachers effort. But this is not just isolated to school, in which teachers now delegate everything to textbook companies like Houghton-Mifflin, McGrawhill, and others. None grade their work, make their own assignments, and don't even check what the content is of these assignments or are unable to change them. The Human element has been completely removed out and what is left is apathetic and indifferent. This is extremely demoralizing for a student like me, who forks out thousands of dollars to attend. What is the point anymore? I dont want to do trades, I dont want to do anything else but hopefully become a History teacher or something adjacent someday. But every institution is so poor and ineffective I become paralyzed with these realizations that they dont give a shit. Nothing is retained in months and years of study anymore. It leaves the mind as quickly as its brought in. I cannot bear it some days and want to run away and begin life. The whole idea of college is so bizzare to me aswell. You keep the youth for 3-5 years after high school in an intermediate stage with false freedoms. This odd stage retards growth of these people and they are made dumber here. I cannot find a single person who genuinely improved in this period. Post-2010, college has been seen as a punishment by many. All of its benefits as being a second childhood with sex and parties have been removed, as those are no longer present.
What is future of Education?

No. 1099 by YoungViceroy88
When online classes were initially introduced, for people who were in peculiar circumstances but still wished to earn a degree, they were meant to be their own thing. But I have seen that they have tried to make inperson REAL classes along their model now. There is virtually no difference between Inperson and online classes now, as both use the same applications and programs on the computer, except one has a person read from these apps for an hour twice a week, and the other doesnt. The only people I see graduate are those who are lifeless and boring enough to learn in this method. These being fat women. I need to get out. I have desires as a young man to go outside and play in the sun, go swimming, bang womons, but I have to instead be shoved infront of screen to listen to fat whale read from textbook made by jew chinese company. Where is any vitality? Where is genuine academia?

No. 1100 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I hear you man
First I will answer your questions:
1)What is future of Education > self-education by reading the best books written by the best minds, and drawing from contemporary online/frog sources for inspiration; conversing with learned men.
2)Where is any vitality > I believe all vitality (more important: virility), genetic health, and honest happy people are outside of the city/suburbs and living in the wild with small family groups/communities with healthy life-affirming values. Beyond the countryside is the wild. If you have wealth, your quality of life will increase regardless of where you are. Ideally you want to earn your money in a manner that doesn't compromise your manhood, is not soul-crushing, does not involve interacting with subhumans, and does not take all of your time. Vitality is a way of life, a matter of habit. People are forced to sacrifice their health and time for money once resources are scarce, since the noble and virile path of physically dominating/conquering/raiding/looting the weak/enemy has been monopolized by an oppressively powerful and racially hostile bureaucratic government.
3) Where is genuine academia? > I think we all realize that great teachers are rare. Better to find an outstanding and successful older man (historically your took your father's profession, he served as a model and teacher) and learn directly from him in a mentor-mentee relationship, as Alexander and his noble peers did with Aristotle. Besides maybe essays on frog substack pages, no great Traditionalist role models exist in the public sphere nowadays; the time of publicly revered/accessible masculine genius has been eradicated from academia, and most great visionary men were self-taught geniuses and mostly nobles who experimented with science, invention, philosophy in their spare time. Academia just preserves their work.

I think we need to take up the torch and become the new generation of free-thinking, wild and hypermasculine men, drawing

No. 1101 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
inspiration from great men of the past and building each other up/sharpening/reinforcing each other in small groups far from the control of the soulless tyrannical nanny-state.

I felt the same way. I dropped out of my aerospace engineering major in my 3rd year because of the boredom and soullessness. I literally learned nothing more than I learned in my STEM Governor's School (grade 11-12) experience. There was no more enthusiastic, dynamic learning, growing, socializing with quality peers, and doing creative projects. There wasn't even the allure of quality young women walking around in everyday life to brighten things up or keep you subconsciously motivated/stimulated (though in retrospect these exist if you seek them out yourself and socialize). There's so much more to life than endless rumination, and desk work is - in my opinion - soulless and unmanly. Then you realize the human quality you're working with and the freefall trajectory in the culture and quality of American society, realize that it won't change until it collapses completely... At that point I just wanted to go bodybuild somewhere in the wild and "become the barbarian to rape Rome" as you said last post.

Basically you enjoy vitality and are truly curious and love to learn. You want to keep growing but the environment is not healthy or conducive to this. "Going through the motions" to receive a meaningless academia-socially-approved-degree from your slavish midwit professors, in the company of mostly subhuman peers, for what? For the privilege of working for a paycheck and working to support the system which produces said subhumans? In 1900 90% of men were self-employed.
Money was created to coerce people to do unnatural things. Meaningless slave/intellectual labor is debasing when compared to spirited and intense masculine action/dynamic creation.

So my current solution is to cut out the bullshit/luxury/idleness and disconnect, head for the hills.

No. 1102 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Also, I'm not so vain, antisocial, gluttonous for luxury or egotistical that I can live as a material end in myself. I want to lead my men to victory, be dominant, fight for the Fatherland. Problem is, the settled mixed-race populace is not my Fatherland, and if I try to exert my sovereignty over anything or anyone there are endless laws/social conventions/faceless government thugs to prevent this.
So young men grow up in a stifling environment and they turn inwards to endless intellectual roaming or nihilistic video gaming and surrogate activities - smothered to death - instead of fighting the injustice

And as much as I love history and heroic stories, I doubt the future employability of history teachers by public schools or even private institutions, and have come to realize that intellectual pursuits are a luxury that can only be indulged in when you've got your shit together so well that you can afford leisure and creative pursuits (the domain of aristocrats). Also, philosophy without action is passive and a dead end, although the curiosity and satisfaction of understanding is very alluring and can be very enjoyable. A life of action is superior.

You're probably casting pearls before swine. "Last man"-tier society.

I think the solution is brotherhood, mutual support in being self-reliant and independent of the monetary/legal system as much as possible, and preparation for supporting a stable family with top-quality woman on your own land.

Also I think that to maintain our sanity and dignity in the face of ugly degeneracy all around us, we keep "treating the symptoms": returning to the RWBB/Aryan Internet to imbibe healthiness instead of linking up with such people in real life, building a virile/vital life for ourselves in good company, and develop our capacity for power to combat the system - a permanent fix.

No. 1103 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Also, it is imperative for your mental health that you eat natural, raw animal products and be physically active/robust and be outdoors, ideally with other top quality guys. That way you feel good and when you look in the mirror you can love, hope, and believe in yourself.

No. 1104 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
If you look powerful and handsome, like a work of art, and you feel very virile, and your peers respect and have brotherly love towards you on a daily basis, and you guys achieve victory together, this is the key to loving life.

No. 1105 by YoungViceroy88
Thank you for these many insightful posts. I also feel that in High School there was more spirit, vigour, and growth than in College. I have actually declined in many ways since I have began college as you have said. There are some cute girls and I should pursue them more, but havent been able too since as soon as I hit college Covid niggery began. And yes, only friends around you that are solid and true are the only way out of this. Loneliness kills. And raw meat is something I pursued, and lost a lot of weight through, got very healthy, will need to get back on it again. I am relatively handsome and tall, but my issue is all mental. All spiritual. My mind and soul feel so rotten and I need to find someone to inspire me again and to bring hope. But I am getting better on my own. Thank you again. and Happy Birthday Hitler!

No. 1107 by YoungViceroy88
And also Sol Aeterna, you wish to return to Europe? I have similar inclinations if thats what I got from one of your sentences. And a Mentor is also very vital. I think all men today are incomplete because of a lack of a mentor figure. Even those with a father they knew and grew up with as they dedicated their time to their job, not to their sons.

No. 1108 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I wrote a great post but it failed to post since I wasn't logged in; I'll try to recreate it.

I'm a native Virginian. By Fatherland, I didn't mean Germany per se; to me it could be your local territory, your patrimony. It will take race war to rejuvenate/purify/remasculinize modern Europeans/Americans.

You're right about the father figure. It took me 1-2 years to overcome the shock of understanding the Jewish subversion. It can take time to adjust to reality and become your own man/develop principles for super-success, especially if you weren't given them growing up, or were a naive sheltered intellectual type who was content with their own company (me). Understanding and accepting female nature is a related topic; Jews = Women, Women = Jews, "The Eternal Jew", "The Eternal Woman" ==> Aryan males are the epitome of manhood and the pinnacle of mankind.

I'm coming out of the same stage you're in. The way I see it, I've rapidly matured (assimilated truth) and understood the mechanics of how things work, rebuilding my foundation for future success. Once you've learned enough profound truth, it becomes a part of you and there is no more uncertainty and confusion; crystal clear, omniscience, total confidence. This saves you having to be surprised or think in the future. All that's left is to act - pursuing victory with a heroic mindset
Aristotle said "Too much philosophy can make a man sick".

Good habits + quality friends will keep you growing and building momentum. It's alright to take a step back from "public life" and do some inner work, but if you drop off on physical fitness/diet and taking the occasional downtime you can quickly drop off/stagnate. Keep the basics going. Life's pretty simple once you understand it. I can't lie to myself. I've been hypercharismatic and euphoric every day when I was a bit younger. For that to happen, you have to be carefree, surrounded by people that love and respect you, and constantly growing/winning at life

No. 1109 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Also well-fed, physically robust and self-assured.

It gets better. You're on the right path. Take stock of your blessings and strive/sacrifice demand victory

I'll make a post soon with the most quality hypermasculine mentors I've seen that'll help a young man get up to speed quickly and deal with the world from a position of power. For now, in honor of the day:

Top-notch writing. Engaging and profound - cathartic.

No. 1110 by William Cecil Clayton
Excellent posts, both of you. Yea I agree with Sol. You need to disconnect as much as possible, you can’t serve the machine or let them ruin you. You need to get away, even for a weekend will rejuvenate you. Take to the mountains. Just record your thoughts and watch mind. I would do this after finishing a book by Nietzsche. You don’t need to go with friends.

Friends will be your second most important assets behind yourself.

No. 1112 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Wise words. I've been learning about the Cascade Mountain valleys and the climate and topography looks very appealing. I'm trying to find out how to make a self-sustaining "homestead" type bodybuilding mini-civilization with enough meat, milk, eggs, and shelter to go around. Low initial investment, no dependency on mechanization (besides optional electricity/fiber optic internet cables, maybe A/C in main HQ) If such a thing existed I would move in a heartbeat, and I think many high quality youths would too. Besides the basics of meat/milk and shelter, I think lifting/swimming/hiking, reading Nietzsche/Evola/etc. with a common library, eventually some internet, socialization and sports with a curated peer group, and archery/firearms would be a hell of a life for a young man. Log houses and animal tending can be done with axes, basic tools, and manpower. Hides and leather could be tanned and made into buckskin clothing with little effort. I've got a lot of ideas about making custom gold pendants... We could have tribes/basic professions and all be warriors/frontiersmen. I don't know how horses or cows would survive winter, but if we had an entire valley the only fencing we might need would be at the entrance.

And Viceroy, if reading a Nietzsche book would take too long on a busy college schedule, maybe watch this video on the Overman as a primer - it ties together a lot of topics:

No. 1113 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Regarding youths moving to a hypothetical homestead area, am I just a penniless romantic intellectual/bodybuilding simpleton, or some Evola/Nietzsche-inspired ... Like would people rather wear masks and work for their genetic inferiors in business/government/military? I'm currently too disenchanted and believe most people are irredeemable, and the system not worth trusting for food or safety. I get internally triggered and enraged whenever I see the ugly degenerates and non-Whites, anyone wearing a mask. I'm on edge and not at ease, feel 0% trust or reverence for people around me (could just be Northern Virginia ppl). I don't want to bother with a commute.

We need workable solutions and parallel societies everywhere, funding and action taking, plots of land and autarky... Brainwashing/educating/training centers. Time is running out.

No. 1114 by YoungViceroy88
I just finished the Iliad and just began Thus Spoke Zarathustra, so I find time to read. Also kind of started Spengler's Decline of the West. I have read most Evola books: Revolt Against the Modern World, Ride the Tiger, Mystery of the Grail, Metaphysics of War. Tbh, I mostly go on hikes or read than do school work. Otherwise I am playing gay map games like Hoi4, Vic2, Eu4, Civ5, etc. Though I have been cutting those out. First chapter into Nietzsche and I am in love. Future of our civilization should be some Nietzschean-Pagan-Buddhist combo like what bap says. One which encourages Faustian ideals of power, vigor, movement, strength, and victory. I also have Joyful Wisdom (The Gay Science), but for my birthday I intend to get Daybreak, Beyond Good and Evil, Ecce Homo, and Antichrist. Also want to look into Heraclitus, Schopenhauer, and Aristotle (Which books should I read by them btw, like what are there names?) and lastly, you are not the first who want to create Modern Vander Vogel compound. I met a dude irl who is pretty neat and has expressed the same thing. All TRUE American men want to leave wherever they are for the Cascadians. I do not blame them. But in one of my posts, I said how bad its getting in places like Montana and Idaho. Asian, Hispanic population doubling every decaden from 1%, to 2% in 2010, to 4% In 2020 for Asians, estimated to actually INCREASE rate of Asianification in the 2020s and 2030s. Hispanic Pop has tripled from being less than 5% to now being 15-20% Average, and also making up to a quarter to 30% of All births in these states now. Serious attempts are being made to replace those places now. Bad part is too, these are not being restricted to just the city an urban centers, but also appear in the country, spread like butter across the whole state.
But even with Demographics, the states are the most habitable. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Cali, The Dakotas, all places which have pretty decent.. CONT....

No. 1115 by manletwarrior88
ifeel the same exact way, i ask frend on frog twitter wat do in future? i get vaguereply... do uhave twatter YoungViceroy??

No. 1116 by manletwarrior88
there is no room or hope for the west, i am in same situation as you frend, i hope to escape to second world but college degree necessary to land good job and to make decent living, i just focus on gym and escape using music and bodybuilding, also get into crypto and mayb network on frog twiterr

No. 1117 by YoungViceroy88
... Decent Koppen Climate types
BSK, Csa, Csb, Csc, Cfb, Cfc, Dsa, Dsb, Dsc, Dwa, Dwc, Dfa, Dfb, Dfc, ET, EF are all European habitable areas. One might Argue for Humid Subtropical Cfa and Cwb, but they are too moist for Europeans Imo. You do get pockets of this climate in Europe but its usually places people dont like to live to much. Interesting observation about Koppen Climate type though, is that all places in which Europeans settled en masse, were places with comparible koppen climate types. Look at the KPT of Costa Rica, all the major cities are along a strip of temperate mountians, same thing with Columbia. And when the french colonized Madagascar, they were all in the eastern Highlands, which due to altitude and air currents, kept it temperate and cool. South Africa has the same climate as France and Spain, these being Temperate Oceanic and Med climates. California also has a lot of Med climate, which is why its so good for wine, almonds, and vegetables. Australia does too, and was also settled in large numbers by whites. And New Zealand climate is functionally and statiscally identical to Great Britain. Rhodesians in Africa stayed in the uplands which were more temperate and cool, and so did the British in Kenya. Algeria also saw much French settlement because of its same climate to French Riveira around Nice and Marseille. And when you look at the map, if you look at the map link I posted, dont disregard all states with Humid subtropical, because the Applachians give many nice areas in North Georgia, West Virginia, the Western Carolinas, North Alabama, and parts of Pennsylvania and new york as well. So Elevation + Cooling air currents is good for us. Hope that helps, though I am sure you already know about Koppen Climate types, just found it interesting that all major white settlement followed areas suited best to whites anyways. Like Arg, Uru, and CR.

No. 1118 by YoungViceroy88
I do, but since Shudra coup I have been indefinitely suspended. I cannot even delete my account and make a new one. was my twatter. I was friends which a good few of the circle, and am real sad I can no longer participate. Perhaps swazis in bio and calling people nigger and tranny was not good way to stay on. Everyone is escaping I dont blame. But its good you stick to gym and music. I escape with map game, and oblivion es game. And no, no Crapto. I dont trust it and we have already seen peoples "portfolios" or whatever be emptied by governments. Not only that, but the Crapto people still bend to imf and UN retards.

No. 1119 by YoungViceroy88

Look at Cuban revoloution with Castro and Che, they only had ~200 men at all times during their revoloution. And they regularly beat armies 5-10 and sometimes 20 times their size. Batista regime was very corrupt and rotten, as ours is too. Already people wouldnt lift a finger to protect Amazon, imagine in 3,4 5, 10 years. Rioters already steal freely from trains without consequence, and train workers do nothing, police do nothing, etc. Look at the whole Chaz and Paz shit. They do not have the means to genuinely perform restrictive activities and put down revolts. THOUGH they were zog projects anyways, and the train raiders are negro protected class. But after vax mandates, many true spirited men leave military, and if COUP happen in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, perhaps there mayB success. NOT ADVOCATING FOR VIOLENCE, JUST MAKING OBSERVATIONS FBI, SUCK MY PEEPEE. I have spoken with many and consider if USA not good place, to go to either A- Apefreaka, B-Latrino America, and C-Europe.
Apefreaka has good places like Namibia, Botswana, and Madagascar, and nigger USUALLY leave you alone. But you will have to basically build from scratch. Though it would be easy to bribe local official and fly under radar there.
Latrino America has Costa Rica, which is best place imo for any settlement in this area. Low pop density, favourable climate, high white population proportion and percentage, low crime rate, and unnoticed by many. Also, post-collpase, it is ideal position to have Empire of Americas, take control of Canal and spread up and down, easily defendable narrow land borders, etc.
C- Europe is going to recover I believe, despite the black pill we might have, it will come back, but it will take time. Honestly, Europe in 10 years I believe will be better than anywhere else, Mass deportations, closing off to non-whites, etc. Bojo, Macron, Merkels party, etc, all people are sick of. Change happen first there. Mayb we help?

No. 1120 by YoungViceroy88
Also this is good resource for finding demographic statistics
I know it says georgia, but scroll down where it shows racial statistics and you can look at any state, any ethnic group, and it has maps which show colored by percentage. Very Useful. To find older stats about counties and cities, just go to wikipedia, many are still unupdated from 2010s, and 2000s, so you can see change. Some even show it all the way back to 1940.

No. 1121 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I just learned about the Koppen climate types yesterday, they're super interesting. Thanks for the demographics link. While I do hope that Europe will get better, I don't see any rise in masculinity, and they live in police states with super high vaccine and mask compliance. And personally, I would not want to leave America for Latin America tropical jungle or any part of Africa. Besides the drop in quality of life and the fact that the locals speak a different language, I abhor hot and humid climates. America has some of the greenest and most fertile land on the planet. Rather than attempting to be great explorers and build niche tropical compounds in what are totally lawless non-White countries, I would rather just gradually reconquer North America starting in the countryside. And while I agree that Muslims, Hispanics and other immigrants are multiplying, that doesn't mean we can't remedy that in a takeover, or defend our countryside land from the influx of stragglers. The Mongols weren't concerned with the Chinese birth rate or number ratios, and neither were Castro and Che as you said... Without living off of the land in the countryside (power bases of awakened radicals) I think Whites are vulnerable and can be "held hostage" in cities. Most degenerates will stay in the cities. That said, I think our greatest weakness is that we are few, we are uncoordinated (no secure method of communication, besides maybe Matrix assuming the servers aren't hardware backdoored), and we have no funding or sovereign territory, not even a single RWBB compound to serve as a successful/reproducible model. It should be very doable, I just think someone has to make the first step. And maybe this is delusional/risky but I feel like group shots of muscular tall young Northern European men would be a great magnet for young male/female recruits, or even funding campaigns.

No. 1122 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Islands of genetic quality could be created, and with our food surplus in all-natural animal products we could sustain a much higher fertility rate. And while guys with military experience sounds great, I don't want to rely on such a thing in the future. Air forces, armored land vehicles, this seems off the board, seeing as we aren't a state entity, but militia-type organizations designed to defend against civilian threats seems like a great start. I'm sure with the high IQ and work ethic we could have some artisans making handmade/luxury products for ourselves and for export (jewelry, clothing). As we grow we may even attract self-employed artisans with a lifetime of experience. It could be a very high quality culture. I think someone has to make it though, to demonstrate that it works and could be attractive/reproducible. For real though, without refugia of high-quality men and ESPECIALLY nazified Prussian-type patriarchal family raised women who can be great mothers, the White race will continue to degenerate. Also a genuine common culture that people would die for can't be manufactured with memes online, it has to be a lived experience with real people. We need "start-ups", like become shepherds/cattle herders, live in the wild countryside, build basic housing/infrastructure. There's such a high barrier to entry for vehicle or home ownership that for most young frogs I think it would be better to build your own home with the help of compound-frends and walk/ride horses and live locally. This digital nomad traveler stuff can be great for some, but you cannot project power like this or do it without money. We need long-term solutions and many high-caliber guys of like mind willing to sacrifice for a common future.
Also Asha Logos seems to live in Washington State, so that says a lot to me.

No. 1123 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Maybe you could be history teacher for children of RWBB valley compound, Viceroy

No. 1125 by YoungViceroy88
This is something I have dreamed about doing for a long time, being a teacher for for future generation. But Costa Rica is unlike other Latin American nations. It has non of the issues you have said, about corruption, humidity, or non-whites. Its actually Whiter than the USA, most of the country is along a temperate mountain range with a oceanic (European) koppen climate type. They dont even have a military ;). Its also strategically placed, right next to panama canal, and in a place of irrelevance so low chance of being nuked and payed attention too. Also wont have to deal with winters, and has very small borders. But you have the same dreams we all do, nice city-state with big milker mommy wife and clean walkable city with people of our stock and culture. And a return to traditional foods (meat and dairy) and lifestyle. Washington state is very nice, esp eastern half. Asha Logos is one of my favourite youtubers. Sad he got canceled on patreon,

No. 1126 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Very true, I guess that's what we all want. But we would need to build such a settlement for ourselves, no? And before there is a city there must be at least a village, or a way to at least feed/fund the men working to construct such a city.

I guess I'll become a frontier outdoorsman first, then think of a practical plan of action or pass judgement on a location. There's also land rights to think of...,-121.6158022,64347m/data=!3m1!1e3,-121.683137,19627m/data=!3m1!1e3,-121.7007537,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipMSZCatG1p7kxVGDDKLPJtA0tJbOgjg8vYHrIUf!2e10!3e12!!7i4032!8i3024!4m5!3m4!1s0x5484fa13962e3a35:0xe17a6881a97fb248!8m2!3d48.7646961!4d-121.7007078

East Washington looks dry and less green, but not necessarily that bad. This place looks beautiful, picturesque. Excellent pine trees for log houses. Also I prefer a bit of cold and winter, hot weather makes you weak, tired and stupid. Besides, America is very fertile and wealthy, and I would rather navigate familiar cultural terrain and predictable degenerates than Southern European Catholics. Seems like they make love not war down there.

Costa Rica:,-83.8839247,305743m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x8f92e56221acc925:0x6254f72535819a2b!2sCosta+Rica!3b1!8m2!3d9.748917!4d-83.753428!3m4!1s0x8fa6c9e1e637d8a1:0x37a9ca71a5b33772!8m2!3d9.4846198!4d-83.4885836

How to get citizenship/permanent residency? How much cattle/sheep could such a small mountain ridge which is either already settled or is mostly national park support? They may be White, but they are Southern European, LatinX at best?

No. 1127 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I do not want to be slave to the dollar or even have society with money. Would rather have simpler countryside life. Spartans lived in traditional tribal village, not big city - also no money (concern with material wealth) but rather concern with human development/social relations/wisdom and because food/armament/clothing necessities was provided by slave labor.

As an aside, it's crazy that it falls to the awake young men to safeguard their race from annihilation and decadence. Most all of the adults are basically cowed sellout wage slaves or fanboys of blond Trump who believe that their hostile government could be influenced with voting or laws. And Trump revealed himself completely when he promoted masking up and vaccines, not to mention Pence's refusal to contest the election results using whatever law/protocol there was on the books. It's all stifling and demoralization. All of Trump and Biden's children married Jews.
And now people are mumbling about Elon Musk being friendly, when he is a complete shill, fraud, and likely crypto-Jew. We don't need Twitter we need to create great leaders, warriors, artists and musicians. Engineers and architects. Tech geniuses, eventually. Heavy industry.
Don't get me started on "Tucker Carlson" whose father is a complete swamp creature.

I'm done. But I enjoy very much to converse on this forum - good ideas
All the best, man

No. 1128 by YoungViceroy88
Good idea learning outdoorsman skills. I will start going camping with buddies once done with uni. And land is cheaper in Costa Rica than USA now (Bill Gates buying up land), and Costa Rica is mostly Southern European, Mostly Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Basque. With some British, French, Belgian, and Germans moving in as well. There are also a few lebanese, syrians, and Jews too to watch out for. But its 65% European, 18% Mestizo, 1% African, and the Rest indigenous. But the Indigenous and Blacks are all in the far corners seperated. And about livestock, the whole country is quite lush and has a low population density, with most people being tightly packed into two cities, and a few towns on the coast. So inbetween are really nice and well priced areas. Lush, Cheap, decent white urban areas, etc. Citizenship to Costa Rica is easy and allows dual citizenship with Americans. All you have to do is live their a few years while working. And nobody wants to work a shitty job for the dollar. There is a decent proportion of people anywhere to work for us ; ). And yes, Trump, Elon, etc, all evil. If they were really for us they wouldve already couped the world.
And all the best to you too! Lets hope we may meet someday when we build our new Polis!

No. 1129 by YoungViceroy88
Costa Rica is white btw, because until recently, they banned all non-white immigration. And they have only declined by about 12% white since the 90s, while the USA has fallen by 30%, and the white category also includes Arabs, Sudanese, etc.
I am not shilling for us to just drop everything and go there, but I am afraid of a future in the USA, whether things go Nuclear, whether the govt does a waco/ruby ridge, or something. They also dont use the same herbicides like Atrazine and Glyphosates that we do. But I go were people are, honestly, I am a follower, so wherever the first flag and tower stand is where I will settle. My only wish is that its somewhere practical and secure. With the northwest being this for the USA, and Costa Rica for the whole world imo. I see Costa Rica, as how the elites building bunkers in New Zealand see NZ.
Quiet, out of the way, safe, isolated, and easily defendable.

No. 1130 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Yes, cheers to our future Poleis! Your Costa Rica rationale makes sense, BAP would brobably abbrove. I'm sold on the Cascades idea right now. Hopefully I can travel the area soon, looks beautiful.

As to "nuclear war" and such, and building bunkers, it is all a show. Real story is Smart City program. The Jews/Secret Society crypto-Jew or "bought men" White traitors are in total control of politics, media, banking etc you know the deal. But both sides are completely controlled - I'm talking Putin, Xi, Iranian leadership, EU ministers, American politicians. It is a true monopoly. I talk about this in the thread I started with *PLEASE SPRED TO ALL RWBB*, there's an Aussie guy named Brendon O'Connell who is not controlled opposition and explains the grand strategy for creation of Greater Israel and creation of UN Smart City gulags for the gentiles, an Americas vs Eurasia Cold War 2.0 being pushed. The political scene is literally a stage and the populace is in some capacity ignorant, and without friendly elites.
It's the same old story, but I really recommend everyone look at that thread because the picture contained therein is professional, engaging, and crystal clear, and not presented anywhere else, including by BAP or The Golden One or even Asha Logos, although of course Asha Logos does address big picture masterfully and talks vaguely due to censorship - I have tremendous respect for Asha Logos.

No. 1131 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>

test link

No. 1132 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>

Yes! This is the link, mandatory viewing

No. 1134 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Hey Viceroy, I was watching Asha Logos' video "A Call for Parallel Institutions" and came across a quote that sums up precisely your original post's situation:

"You know of the disease in Central Africa called the sleeping sickness.... There also exists a sleeping sickness of the soul. Its most dangerous aspect is that one is unaware of its coming. That is why you have to be careful. As soon as you notice the slightest sign of indifference, the moment you become aware of the loss of a certain seriousness, of longing, of enthusiasm and zest, take it as a warning. You should realize your soul suffers if you live superficially."

-Albert Schweitzer

No. 1141 by YoungViceroy88
Asha Logos is great. And sorry if this is has been a while for me to respond, final exams were coming up, and thankfully, I passed.

But yes, I think this superficial living is extremely dangerous. I only have found comfort at the moment with a girlfriend but even this is not enough. I am living with some elders of my family and they got onto me for spending the night at her house, and I am 21 years old. (Hope this doesnt dox), but it seems like America is turning into either Sexless Mormon Theocracy or Blue-Haired onlyfans whoredom-tier sluttery. There is no normalcy anymore. These same elders are boomers btw, who stick to such bizzare principles and ideas of comfort that astound me. Their incompetence and laziness knows no bounds and yet they still feel the need to dictate other peoples lives, not just my own, but their own children who have moved away. I dont understand. It seems like even Family has been lost. It really with only be the youth of the Aryan people that can carry us forward. The old need to die and the young need to florish. I think perhaps this contributes a great deal to this superficiality, that certain natural processes are being for the benefit of the old, and at the expense of the young. The west wouldnt have fallen had we maintained the great youths we had in WW1, and had they not been thrown into the trenches of Belgium, and the fields of eastern europe. Same can be said for WW2. They are why society is weak, they are why we cannot get anything done, all young people my age recognize extreme issues, both men and women, normies too, but the old never go beyond a certain point because it will interrupt their comforts. They have sacrificed their own children. And for that, I will go see my gf tonight and bust many big nuts. Heil Putler.

No. 1142 by YoungViceroy88
and certain natural processes are being stunted*

No. 1156 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Yes great post. I will make a new post and series of ideas that will help spur clear thinking and meaningful action. I check this place every day; I wish there was more serious thought going on here, but the best of our persuasion are probably involved in Asha Logos' TPP (The Phoenix Project) Matrix/Element messaging group. I have been thinking deeply as usual, and will make my contributions here.

No. 1157 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Seems like there are only 5-6 consistently posting users of late, although there may be many more watchers.

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