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No. 1082 by g-gundam
Caribbean Rhythms with BAP - Episode 106 - Josiah Lippincott Spiritual War

>Josiah Lippincott who is a SERIAL HUMILIATOR of stuffed shirts and satirist comes to talk on show about how he exposed the vanity and incompetence of many generals, how he was censored for talking about wokeness in the military which is reducing it to a jobs program, but also many other things: Machiavelli, history, and in general the problem of spiritual warfare.



No. 1083 by john
hab listened to half so far but is nice, josiah good pwner of "serious intellekschuals" online

No. 1090 by g-gundam
I hadn't heard of him before, but I like his healthy energy.

No. 1091 by john
yes he fren on twatter, he got suspended, then came back, mayb suspended again? idk havent seen him since

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