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No. 1078 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Enjoying reading Nietzche's "Greek Philosophy and Other Essays"

No. 1085 by john
wat he say?

No. 1089 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
There were many jewels of realization I had while reading it. I'm halfway through and he talks about the "Greek State", "Greek Woman", and purpose of philosophy. Elaborates on the purpose of the state and society being the production of Military Genius (like BAP mentioned in CR 106), talks about social relations in the state and woman's proper role, how the ideal state serves warfare and brings about the refinement of the ruling class and the increase in human capacity (social and technological sophistication) and genetic quality.

And while it's best to read Nietzsche for yourself as BAP recommends, I've been enjoying essentialsalts' Nietzsche podcast that distills concepts and quotes extensively from the literature:

No. 1092 by john
yes sounds good i may read thamnk

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