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What to study?
Finishing school soon with good grades, don't know what to study which will not make me commit suicide after entering the workforce. Any directions this community is advocating for?

No. 1079 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
I have a few ideas; the end result depends on your goals, circumstances and abilities. You could
1) Go become a self-sufficient primitive wild savage/homesteader - "return to nature"
2) Become a tradesman (electrician, plumber, mechanic of cars or airplanes, etc) with the aim of becoming self-employed and earning well
3) Go to college for STEM degree (mechanical/aerospace, computer, electrical, chemical engineering)
4) Become a technician in hi-tech/military-industrial complex manufacturing sector
5) Join the military (beware globohomo and slavish obedience to potential retards) and then become a frog Mercenary warrior/warlord
6) Infiltrate US government and secure a fat and stable salary in a defense/intelligence agency
7) Make fast money through financial speculation (can be very dangerous)
8) BAP-endorsed gigolo (my attempt at humor)
9) Create private RWBB gym / entrepreneurial venture (debt and large capital investments can be near-fatal failures, especially with youth inexperience)
10) BAP-endorsed crime and underworld illicit trade (dangerous)
11) Combination of minimum wage unskilled service sector bullshit and wear a mask (undignified, would rather go on killing spree)
12) Be a security guard in a non-lethal, non-degenerate location

Keep in mind Nietzsche's revelation that labor is in itself ignominious for the higher man, although a necessity for life. Unless you are born to privilege, sacrifices must be made. Develop capacity for action - virility/virtue. Strive to become wealthy quickly/reliably and eventually be self-sufficient for peace of mind.

The question is would you commit suicide due to the misanthropy and desire for solitude or general demoralization with the globohomo dysgenic masses situation and your own relative powerlessness, or real physical weakness/malnourishment.

No. 1095 by manletwarrior88
I made a differnt thred about this, about jobs more specifically for younger frogs that offer adventure and opportunity,i have thought it through and the best scenario seems to live in a second world country with a first world/anglo salary that will offer best of both world. any ideas of jobs, companies/agencies for dis? i know many likeminded frends

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