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No. 1001 by Dit tiddler
Seasonal allergies
Any hidden way to get rid of this unholy ailment? Every spring my nose gets absolutely assraped by pollen, it’s just so draining. I would spend this time of year in tropical country or Argentina but that wouldn’t be realistic for at least a few years.

No. 1007 by DeportedFromLatvia
Allergies are inflammations caused by your immune system, so what you need is something anti-inflammatory.
I recommend ginger tea with cinnamon and honey. You can also eat very spicy foods, raw onions, raw garlic. All of these will help mitigate it.

No. 1046 by Hengist
This also nettle tea and local honey. Netti pots are good to.

No. 1062 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
Hello. Drink raw milk (and if you can, eat raw meat). Watch Aajonus Vonderplanitz:

No. 1093 by platinum
I have also heard raising blood sugar will alleviate allergies, but yes Ive been peating a while now and with the lower inflammation I have noticed remarkably better allergies

No. 1094 by <<< Sol Aeterna >>>
From what I understand sugar lowers the immune system for 3-4 hours after ingestion and is a major cause of inflammation. Fruit/sugars are only good for putting on weight for winter, and for flavor. Raw honey in moderate amounts is alright though.

^^According to sv3rige and Aajonus Vonderplanitz (two of the greatest authorities in recent decades)

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